3 Reasons why Jewelry rocks

“Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique” – Elizabeth Taylor.

The history of jewelry is an interesting one. Dating back to circa 800-700 BC, jewelry has been around for centuries. Made out of raw and even the rustic of materials, bones, precious stones, metals, and shells, jewelry became a staple to adorn oneself with. In medieval times, jewelry was used to project a hierarchy status, the renaissance period found religious symbolism in their charms, and later on, the ’60s showed jewelry as art.

To this day, jewelry still holds connotations from all eras, and all kinds of materials are used. Now, of course, the most popular to be found is gold and silver jewelry, and the meaning of jewelry has become even more expansive. Let’s take a look at why.

Jewelry and Personality

There is something special about wearing jewelry. It can hold part of a person’s personality, it can transform an entire outfit, and more importantly, some pieces of jewelry just never go out of style, which makes investing in high-quality pieces all the more worth it. This piece takes a look at why jewelry is an excellent addition to your daily outfit.

Jewelry is a very personal thing, and now in the 21st century, we have an unlimited choice of jewelry styles. There are thousands and thousands of variations of the custom necklace or ring. With all the choices available, there is bound to be a piece that fits a specific mood, aesthetic, or a piece that portrays a specific personality style.

Not only that, but a piece of jewelry can also take a normal, unassuming outfit and turn it into something that really represents who someone feels on the inside.

Jewelry and Transforming Outfits

It is common to have a “work outfit” an “evening outfit” and even a “casual day time outfit”. There are so many variations of hybrid outfits that closets are often overstuffed, and time is wasted picking out the right choice. Jewelry has an excellent way of changing an entire outfit without having to change any part of clothing. For example, a pair of small, delicate studs would be perfect for daytime, but switch it up in the evening with a long dangling elegant pair of earrings and some bright cocktail rings for an evening look, without having to change! For jewelry with a difference, head over to LINK AVAILABLE, unique jewelers specializing in natural gold, and quartz-bearing jewelry, to browse stunning gold pieces with a twist.

 Jewelry and Expressing Feelings

Jewelry is a common gift used for celebrations such as Birthdays and Christmas as the level of thought that can go into choosing a piece of jewelry can be a special symbolic gesture. There is also the option to customize jewelry now, making sure the perfect gift can be found. A classic declaration of love would be the engagement ring, a ring that is chosen specifically for a loved one, or even passed down as an heirloom, showing the importance of the ring, and the person receiving it!

Jewelry is a universal and precious item that offers the change to say things without words. It is something that can transform an aura, an outfit, and a person’s mood, and there is so much to choose from!