Happy Book Lovers Day: 5 great novels to celebrate

Happy Book Lovers Day ! And you now like this: “Huh?” .

And Steffi now like this: “I have read five books during the last two weeks of vacation and I’m so in a fever that I’m dying with luck that August 9th is officially Book Lovers Day and I’m now on Hey Pretty a crass bookworm Contribution can write! ».

Or something like that.

If you do not know yet: I love face creams and lipsticks and spas, but my first love is and remains reading. As a 7-year-old lying under a tree (instead of playing) at reading.

Reading as a 12-year-old completely adult-adult romance and believing that I would never find my true love, real vocation or favorite drug (Charles Bukowski, that’s your fault). As a 15-year-old, who did an apprenticeship as an assortment book dealer, read 7 years more or less continuously and only switched to the radio at the age of 23.


And there are a lot of great stories. That’s why there are five book tips for you today on the silver platter (or on the tablet, höhö):

Three of my current faves and two tips from my favorite Nadias, Nadjas respectively!

1. Richard Powers: The Roots of Life (S. Fischer Verlag), 30 francs

Book Review Richard Powers: The Roots of Life (S. Fischer Verlag, 2019) - 5 Book Tips for Book Lovers Day on Hey Pretty

QUICK ABSTRACT: Spoiler alert right at the beginning, honey … because you’ll never be able to look at trees the same way again! In this stunningly multi-layered story by US author Richard Powers, five strangers gather in a rather fabulous way (and with the help of nature).

The hearing-impaired biologist Patricia, one of the main characters, finds out that trees can communicate with each other and that they urgently need help, so that their legendary 4-billion-year-old face does not stop … and each of the lovingly drawn figures plays an important role in this – well, Almost eco-kitsch, the one busy for a long time and so beautifully written that you would like to sing along. A crazy, literary ride!

PERFECT FOR: Lovers of slightly melancholic stories and, frankly, those who are even beginning to worry about the future of our planet.

2. Christelle Dabos: Spiegelreisende Volume 1 – The Betrothed of Winter (Insel Verlag), 29.90 francs

Christelle Dabos: Spiegelreisende Volume 1 - The Betrothed of Winter (Insel Verlag): Five Reading Tips for Drama Fans on Book Lovers Day 2019 on Hey Pretty

QUICK SUMMARY: Ophelia lives in the Arche Anima amidst her huge family. Oh, and she has the gift of reading objects and traveling through mirrors. Suddenly she is to be married, of all things, to a nobleman named Thorn, who lives on an ark at the other end of the world. This is followed by a “lightning-fast” journey in which Ophelia realizes more and more that she is not a normal girl after all.

My friend Nadia, with whom I was just on vacation, is currently reading the second volume of this story (Volume 3 will follow in November) and has given me the tip. It is true that books are found in section “young adults”, but “clumsy-sympathetic female lead is brilliant”.

PERFECT FOR: Fantasy fans of all ages and for all who wondered if anyone could ever bring a story to life like Harry Potter.

3. Claire Lomabardo: The biggest fun we ever had (dtv, will be published in German on 20.9.19), 36.90 francs

Claire Lombardo: The biggest fun we've ever had (dtv publisher 2019): Five book tips for drama fans on the Book Lovers Day 2019 on Hey Pretty

QUICK ABSTRACT: Forty happy years of marriage, how beautiful! The relationship between their parents is almost unbearable for the four adult Sorenson sisters because they are constantly failing in their own lives and loved ones. My favorite character, Wendy, is also the most blatant of the four: Widowed early, she now instils in the life of her showcase sister Violet Unrest by suddenly appearing with her son, who was released 15 years ago by his teenage mom for adoption. Oooh, drama!

This story totally mesmerized me – maybe because it’s so fluffy. Although I have only one sister (a great one!), I can only too well imagine the dynamics that could arise in a family of four girls. Perfect holiday reading, which still has some draft!

PERFECT FOR: Anyone who finds Meredith Gray amigs a bit too little emotional. And for every woman who has a sister. Or sister is. Or has daughters. Oh, just read it!

I forward this tip to you unfiltered by my friend Nadja Zimmermann, who I have kicked off her summer vacation because she reads MORE than me!

4. Fabio Genovesi: Where you can no longer stand in the sea (Bertelsmann Verlag), 25.50 francs

Fabio Genovesi: Where you can no longer stand in the sea (Bertelsmann Verlag 2019): Five reading tips for drama fans on the Book Lovers Day 2019 on Hey Pretty

QUICK ABSTRACT (by Nadja): “The heartfelt story of a boy who has about 10 nonnos (all unmarried brothers of his grandfather) and only has contact with other children at school. Beautifully written and a tribute to writing itself. I’m still gran, read it in Italian … but I already love it! »

Nadja had many more tips in store – her text message was felt to be 15cm long – but somehow this recommendation has grabbed me the most. Especially because the critiques make it clear that in Genovesi’s books joy and sorrow are always so close to each other and (now hebb di) that his books are “a gift to humanity”. Big words!

PERFECT FOR: All those who love family stories, who thrill with surprising twists and turns (and have no problems with a Päckli Papiernastüechli within reach).

5. Delia Owens: The song of the crayfish (Hanserblau), 29.90 francs

Delia Owens: The Song of the Crayfish (Hanser Verlag 2019): Five Reading Tips for Drama Fans on Book Lovers Day 2019 on Hey Pretty (Book Review)

QUICK SUMMARY: Kya Clark lives entirely alone, amidst the marsh and marshes of North Carolina. What is unusual about it? She is only 7 years old, when first her mother disappears, then her father and her siblings as well. The residents of the nearby town stamp Kya as a strange “maiden girl”, only a boy (cue tiny violins) takes the trouble to really get to know them. Yes, they fall in love. But no, there are still some problems along the way … including the murder of a handsome young man Kya was seen with.

This book had so many good reviews in the US version on Amazon that I was almost a bit startled. But luckily I got involved in the adventure of thriller and family epic. For as cheesy as the story itself is in part, the flora and fauna of the “Florida Keys” are so impressively described that nature is actually the true protagonist.

PERFECT FOR: Fans of Forrest Gump and “The Notebook” who also like thrillers. Entertaining and yet touching!

And now to you: Have you read a great book lately … or even one of those five?

Tell us about it in the comments! Sharing is caring, especially with good books!

Bookish greetings and a wonderful Book Lover’s Day (and weekend). And yes, you can definitely spend the Street Parade reading, höhö.

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