Fashion Flash: The i-am-animal-print addictive edition

Happy Friday, my dear! I hope you have been crucified by this week and now you can sit back and enjoy the Weekend!

WHAT? Senders?

Fifteen sessions, a puking toddler or a washing machine that does not wash anymore? Totally stupid. But I have an idea what might help:

A little animal print.

I swear. It’s been clinically proven * that predator prints do the soul good in all variations! * That’s what I’ve invented now. But I keep being addicted to Animal Print. And I’m not alone in the case …


Hilary Alexander: Leopard – Fashion’s Most Powerful Print (Laurence King, English only), 29.90 francs

Hilary Alexander: Leopard - Fashion's Most Powerful Print

Okay, after I substantiate my obsession (including literature), we jump straight into today’s fashion flash where I’ve grouped animal prints into three categories of users to get you started on this wonderful, I-need-to-have My Own Reality TV Show »Making the world of fashion easier!

Okay, let’s get started with a little accessory that you do not have to carry on your body:

Jaguar Phone Case by GoCase , about 32 francs

Jaguar iPhone Case by GoCase

Schüüch and chic is this top, which you could wear well under a blazer or a denim jacket:

ASOS Design Petite Camisole with Animal Print, about 26 francs

ASOS Petite Animal Print Camisole

OMG, Cowhide is also an Animal Print. That beams me straight back into the ’90s!

ASOS Design Lorne lace mules with cowhide print, approx. 50 francs

ASOS Design Lorne Lace Cowhide Mules

You. Are a. COWARD:

Brandy Melville Leopard Print Scrunchie, about 4 francs

Leopard Scrunchie by Brandi Melville

Okay, the jupe is long. But combined with this sporty approach, this also creates an animal-print beginner:

Sud Express Long pleated jersey Jarolina, 130 francs at La Redoute

Animal Print pleated skirt by Sud Express at La Redoute

Oooh, saucy! Lingerie with Animal Print? Full for beginners. Unless you put it on the street then scroll down to Wildness Level 3!

Motel Yecal Body with Animal Print, about 45 Francs at Urban Outfitters

Motel Yecal Body with Black Leo Print at Urban Outfitters

I realize you’re ready for a bit meh. I would say roll up the lattice and get out with the predators!

Here it is more the shortness of the shorts that make them daring:

Zara Bermuda Shorts with animal print, 45.90 francs

Zara Bermuda Shorts, Fall 2019

Fun fact: I think I have never typed the word “Bermuda shorts” in my life. MY FIRST TIME AND YOU WERE THERE.

Ooooh, I like the blouse – and despite the ruffle not too crass:

Guess Sebastienne Regular Fit blouse, 75 francs at Zalando

Guess Sebastienne Animal Print Blouse

Anyone who follows me on Instagram (and if you say NO, WHY?) Knows that I have a little Birkenstock problem. Today’s problem? That I still do not have these Raubkatzentreter!

Birkenstock Arizona sandals “Leopard”, about 75 francs at Blue Tomato

Birkenstock Arizona Leopard Print

This shirt is amazing understated, despite snake print:

YAS snake print blouse with flat collar, 59.90 francs at Jelmoli-Versand

YAS Shirt with Leopard Print

Yes, another shoe. I said: Animal Print entry drug!

This boot I find stunning:

Angelo Bervicato Terra Ankle Boot, 299.90 francs at Globus

Angelo Bervicato TERRA Ankle Boot

Okay, this sweater is so chic and Nordic that the Leo print on it is almost a minor matter:

Compania Fantastica fleece sweater, 79.95 francs at La Redoute

Compania Fantastica Leopard Print Jumper

Okay, a predator-with-fleece factor we had already done. I think you and your scroll finger are now really ready …

“Leggings are not pants!”  You hear me yell. Except, they come with Leo Print and do one on at leisure:

Urban Classics Leggings, 27.30 francs at About You

Urban Classics Leopard Print Leggings

Ooooh, TIGER, we did not have yet. Why not true to nature in POP ORANGE?

Esprit short-sleeved sweater with a tiger inlaid, 79.90 francs

Esprit Short Sleeve Pullover With Tiger Inlays, Fall 2019

Nobody said that Animal Print is allowed only in the colors that nature gives:

Yas Yasmoo 3/4 Dress, 70 francs at Zalando

YAS Yasmoo 3/4 Dress with Animal Print

Okay, the Animal Print sweatpants SUIT. I want to talk about it!

b.young Rizetta blazer (60 francs) and sweatpants (80 francs) at Zalando

Animal Print Blazer and Sweatpants at Zalando

Is this plateau sandal going too far … OR NOT ENOUGH?

Zara heeled sandals with snake print, 49.90 francs

Zara Snake Print Platform Sandals

And you have just 1,700 francs in front of you? Saeda:

Saint Laurent Zebra Print Dress, 1751 francs at Farfetch

Saint Laurent Animal Print Dress

Do you see? You’re just a wild child!

And if you’re not sure yet, here are some practical tips on how to make your new look “Vogue” rather than “corner Langstrasse / Militärstrasse”:


  1. The crowd makes it: Patterned shoes or bag to an otherwise absolutely monochrome look, eg Head-to-Toe Black.
  2. Leopard print and black leather are a bit hard. Leo fits perfectly with washed-out denim – no matter in which combo *.
  3. Keep your make-up and hairstyle reasonably low-key: A complete Instagram face full of make-up is simply too much.

* Okay, maybe not a leopard bikini top to hot pants, but a Leo blouse to jeans or a denim jacket to Leo dress? YES.

Et voila, ROAAAR and a wonderful weekend!