Are Winter Sports Good for Fitness?

If you love the idea of an exciting sport like snowboarding or skiing, then you may be wondering if it will take care of your fitness and exercise needs. Getting in shape is a lot easier when you have an activity you really enjoy that motivates you to push yourself and set fitness goals, but can winter sports alone make you stronger and fitter?

Here we take a look at what you need to think about when it comes to winter sports and general fitness:

Skiing and Snowboarding Offer Intense Exercise

The kind of exercise you get when you go skiing or snowboarding is extremely good, engaging your whole body and making you work your core a lot. It can also be very good cardio at more advanced levels. This means that when you are actually skiing or boarding, you’ll be guaranteed a good workout that you’ll feel the benefits of. The equipment you use can also make a difference to your performance, so make sure you know you’re using the right stuff for your body and level. Look into snowboard and skiing gear online before purchasing, such as this detailed look at the System MTN snowboard.

Training Can be Patchy and Unpredictable

One of the less great things about winter sports, which also applies to a lot of other activities like watersports, is that the exercise you actually do during a day of activity can be patchy, and it can be difficult to really get an honest sense of how much time you spent training at different levels of intensity. There can be a lot of waiting around on the slopes to take into account which, while tiring in its own way, doesn’t really count towards time spent exercising, and so using these activities as your main or only way of working out is actually very inefficient and unfocused, which may lead to disappointing results.

Supplement Your Winter Sports with Time on Other Activities for Great Performance and All-Round Benefits

The best approach is to make sure that alongside the time you put into skiing or snowboarding, no matter how much you go, you also do some more focused physical training that includes some strength training and some cardio. Going to the gym may be less fun than hitting the slopes, but you can make sure you’re getting the targeted training you need this way, and that should boost your performance in your favorite winter sports, too.

The Verdict

Skiing and snowboarding are excellent forms of exercise when you are actually doing them, but as with a lot of outdoor activities and extreme sports, it’s not easy to plan or manage the amount of time you spend doing specific actions or working on your fitness during a day at the slopes. Including these sports in your lifestyle is a great idea, but you will also need to include other forms of training to boost your performance, prevent injuries, and keep you in the shape you want year-round.