5 Advantages Of Using A Portable Nebulizer

A nebulizer is a device that is used to administer liquid medicines by converting them to mist. It is highly effective for treating chronic disorders, lung infections, and asthma. In the past, inhalers were more prevalent for treating such diseases.

With the invention of portable nebulizers, other methods such as inhalers and steam inhalation have become outdated. The portable nebulizer prices vary, but they are still budget-friendly. So, you won’t have to worry about breaking your bank.

There are many reasons why people prefer this device over others. Here are the top five advantages of using a portable nebulizer.

Do you have asthma or a chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD)? If so, a portable nebulizer can change your life. That is because you can always keep it close by.

Portable nebulizers come in different sizes and shapes. This allows you to carry them around easily. They are compact and lightweight. Hence, they don’t affect your movement.

The various sizes allow you to fit them in a backpack or a purse. Now, even more compact portable nebulizers have been released. So you can carry them conveniently in your pocket too.

  • No Power Required

A typical home nebulizer functions by using electricity. So you cannot administer the drug if you suffer an attack in a car or a plane. But by buying a portable nebulizer, you can rule out this possibility.

That is because these compact devices work by using batteries. So, you don’t need a switch for it to function. Whether you are at a store or in class, you can quickly treat yourself on the go.

  • Noise Free

One of the annoying features of standard nebulizers is that they give off a whirring sound. That is because the devices are larger, so the motor sound can be easily heard. But with a portable nebulizer, you will never face this problem.

These handheld devices are quiet and provide you noise-free breathing therapy. Besides that, it treats quicker than a regular nebulizer.

  • Greater Flexibility

The best feature of portable nebulizers is that they are very flexible. Nowadays, in the market, you will be able to find devices with dual spray mode. So, while treating yourself, you can choose between a mild mist option or a strong mist option.

This feature allows people of all ages to use the tool. For example, children can administer themselves using the mild mode. Meanwhile, adults can breathe in the mist produced by strong mode. 

  • Various Types

Portable nebulizers have many different types. You can opt for a mesh nebulizer, a jet nebulizer, and much more. So, whatever your condition is, don’t worry. There is a portable nebulizer for each individual.

Additionally, top quality portable nebulizers such as ProNebu come with a long-lasting warranty. Thus, if you get faulty equipment, you can quickly get a refund or exchange. This is an option that you won’t get with many standard nebulizer machines. 

Final Words

These are the top five advantages of using a portable nebulizer. The device is highly efficient in treating all sorts of infections. So, if you suffer from respiratory diseases, we suggest you get a portable nebulizer right away.

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