Best Contact less Credit Card Readers for Convenience Store

Convenience store owners and operators can stay competitive by optimizing customer experience. From the time customers pull into a lot, they tend to focus on getting what they came for and going on their way. The checkout and payment experience a convenience store provides should be as safe, simple and reliable as possible. A Clover machine is a point of sale system capable of accepting every major payment method and functioning as a contactless payment machine.

Speed Up Checkout

Convenience stores are designed for fast shopping and checkout. A limited selection of items and an easily accessible register are important features for a successful corner store. Depending on the design, products and services available at a convenience store, owners might want to look for a portable, handheld Clover Flex for sale or a countertop Station.

The Flex hardware by Clover has a number of advantages when it comes to speed. This handheld system is capable of processing every major type of payment, including contactless payments made with a card enabled with this capability or near field communication payments from devices such as smartphones or watches. This portable system features a touchscreen for easy employee input and accepting customer signatures.

Superior Ease of Use

The Clover Station makes it even easier for employees and customers to see the large screen. The second generation Station has an even larger screen than the original launch design. Every Clover point of sale system runs either Register Lite or Register software. Depending on the hardware, a store may run off a device with a small screen, such as the all-in-one Clover Flex, a tablet display with the Clover Mini or a larger Clover Station display.

Clover systems feature touchscreens for simple and intuitive use. The software on these systems is designed for ease of use for convenience store customers and employees alike. Furthermore, these systems reduce stress for store owners and operators by making it easy to handle employee scheduling and clock ins, inventory and other operational requirements through the Clover system. Advanced technology such as fingerprint recognition and transaction records uploaded to the cloud in real time set this system apart from other convenience store POS solutions.

Rewards System Support

A contactless payment system can register transactions to an independent convenience store or chain rewards or loyalty program. Support for a reward system and other types of transactions such as gift cards and gratuities is made possible by the advanced hardware and software in Clover POS systems. The ability to process these types of transactions is built into Clover Register software, but may exceed the capabilities of the lower-priced Register Lite plan.

Clover Networks makes some of the best contactless readers for use in convenience stores and similar retail operations. Clover POS systems can also be used to manage inventory and facilitate daily operations such as scheduling employees and keeping transaction records that owners can review in real-time from any computer or smart device connected to the internet. Upgrade the daily operations of one or more convenience store locations with contactless Clover card readers.