Best Leather Strap Watches for Men

There is something special about men’s leather strap watches: they look simple and lovely. They also feel very comfortable around the wrist. It is also no secret that there are outfits that look better when they are complimented with men’s watches with leather straps. Every classic man definitely needs two or more of these watches in his collections.

Men’s leather strap watches come in different styles. There are also many companies that manufacture these watches, and each manufacturer releases different models from time to time. All these make it difficult for most men to find the watch they need. There is no need to fret about this as we’ve got you covered. We will make your shopping experience better by recommending some of the best men’s leather band watches you can buy right away:

Venice Moonphase Silver Men’s Leather Strap Watch

Venice Moonphase Silver Mens Leather Strap Watch

Brown is the original colour of most leather, so it feels normal to feature this wonderful watch with a rich brown Italian leather strap as the first on the list. There is something special about the simple design of the men’s white watch. It looks quite adorable with its silver-framed wild dial. The elegant moonphase complication adds a touch of complication to the dial and works perfectly with the date of the month, week, and month wheels. The Italy-inspired timepiece also has the perfect architectural artwork on the caseback.

Venice Monochrome Automatic Men’s Leather Strap Watch

Venice Monochrome Automatic Mens Leather Strap Watch

This is one of the best men’s black leather strap watches you will find anywhere. It is also one of the most wonderful automatic watches from Filippo Loreti with leather bands we have seen in many years. The monochrome design can fool a novice to think that this is an ordinary watch. However, an individual with keen eyes for top-quality watches will know the value. It is more of a classical beauty that has received a little modern edge to keep up with trends. We also have a good feeling that it will remain a top choice for classic men for years to come. 

Venice Silver Gray Automatic Men’s Leather Strap Watch

Venice Silver Gray Automatic Mens Leather Strap Watch

You will find that this watch is quite similar to the one above. Actually, they are the same in terms of technical details. The major difference is in the colour. While the first is pitch black with white highlights, this variant is laid-back grey with a touch of silver in the right places. Just like the other, the Italian Leather strap looks great and will definitely feel comfortably warm around your wrist. Other important features include the scratch-resistant sapphire glass and the power reserve indicator.

Ascari Rose Gold Blue Men’s Leather Strap Watch

Ascari Rose Gold Blue Mens Leather Strap Watch

If you want a top-quality men’s watch with leather strap and gold face, this is the right product for you. It is one of the loveliest leather watches in the Ascari series. The gold-rimmed blue dial looks like the most remarkable thing about the watch. It works perfectly with the blue integrated leather strap. These are just peripheral things to admire. There are lots of incredible features that make this an exceptional watch for stylish men. It is a top men’s leather chronograph watch that will always look great on your wrist in years to come.

Rome Silver Automatic Men’s Leather Strap Watch

Rome Silver Automatic Mens Leather Strap Watch

As the name suggests, this watch is inspired by the ancient city of Rome. It has a prominent classic design that will stand the test of time like the city that inspired it. The silver-framed white dial has an anti-reflective coating that improves clarity. The Italian leather strap works perfectly with the classic design to give the watch its timeless appearance.

Why Buy Filippo Loreti Watches?

Did you notice that all watches featured here are from the same manufacturer? This is intentional because we want to make sure that you are getting the very best value for your money. We know how Filippo Loreti watches are made and marketed, and we are confident they are the right premium watches for most stylish men.

One of the major reasons to buy Filippo Loreti watches is the fact that they are not mass-produced. These premium watches are made according to confirmed orders placed by genuine customers. This means there are just a few watches in stock, and customers will get what they have requested. Again, Filippo Loreti bypasses middlemen to sell directly to their customers. This means the prices at which the customers will get the watches are the best possible prices since there are no additions to the original price. 


Leather strap watches for men are readily available. However, it is important that you buy the best ones your budget can cover. Here, we have reviewed the best you can buy right away from the makers. If you want to explore more options, check out the ultimate collections of Filippo Loreti men’s leather strap watches here: