Business Administration or Business Management: Where’s the Difference?

It’s no wonder that as a future business owner, you want to receive proper business education, which is a booming industry nowadays. It’s worth mentioning that any investment in your knowledge will lead you to great heights; so congrats, you have chosen the right path! There’s only one thing left – to choose a Business degree and understand what exactly you want to study. And now, you’re trying to choose between two major degrees, which sound and look quite similar, but in reality, have their own different characteristics.

What Pays More, Business Management or Business Administration?

These two look similar because in our everyday speech, we don’t really differentiate between management and administration. But in the business world, it’s like comparing two different concepts. So, let’s understand their main difference, and the opportunities they open.

Business Administration

Everything we see is a part of something bigger, and business administration is not an exception. Look at business administration from a completely different perspective. Administration is not always managing people, it’s about monitoring ongoing business operations. With the help of a business administration degree, you will be able to control day-to-day operations of the business, create a tactical and thoroughly calculated plan, conduct numerous researches, and so much more. Every business needs a go-getter who has a good orientation in the everlasting business industry. If you want to become a game changer who can make effective decisions during stressful situations, this degree is the best fit for you! Business administration will open new doors to working as operational managers, financial officers, business analysts and so on.

Business Management

Unlike the first one, business management deals more with the external system of a business. This sector of business education enables future businessmen to understand and deal with the social part of the business in general. Business management is all about communication. Here you will learn all the methods of settling the disputes, negotiating and so on. Basically, everything that happens between the business and customers or business partners has more business management in it. If you choose this branch of business, you can perform as a sales, financial, marketing manager and similar positions.

Even though these two branches are different and have different targets, they have some things in common. So, it’s not fundamentally required to study management to become a marketing manager, for example. But in any case, employers usually pay attention to the sector you studied, so if you want to choose between them, it’s better understand which one is closer to your interests.

Which One has Bigger Potential?

Answering this question would be too subjective, because earning a fortune is possible in any case. It’s just a matter of time, experience, and the place you’re working at. So, choose a degree based on your interests, whichever is closer to you and your personality.

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