Factors Aggravating Stress and Trauma

Psychological and emotional health is just as necessary to maintain healthy living standards as physical well-being. An individual struggling with a mental illness face difficulty in leading a regular life. They find it hard to connect with the world and secure a dignified position in society. It leads on to making them feel insecure and inferior, which could further deteriorate their state of mind. It is why modern healthcare emphasizes on good mental health and is trying to educate people about it.

Most complaints have patients dealing with anxiety, stress, trauma, and depression. These things cause imbalance and disturb their routine lives. People suffering from them can experience a change in eating and sleeping patterns. They will lower their self-worth and would feel more responsible for unpleasant incidents. That would make them want to cut all ties with others and drive them towards a helpless state.

Some of the more severe cases can even make them delusional with visions and voices from the past. It indicates an inability to let go of it and dwelling in the same memories. It is a point beyond which medical assistance becomes compulsory.

Fortunately, medicine has presented several logical reasons that can lead to this development. Being consciously aware of their consequences gives an individual a better chance to fight against it. From various scenarios and situations, here are seven factors that aggravate stress and trauma. If you are feeling upset or discontent, then there’s a good chance one of these might be the reason behind it.


A traumatic past can be a part of anyone’s life. It might result from domestic violence and abuse or a more consistent phase, like a job. But in any case, these things can cripple an individual for life.

An example is the life of veterans of armed forces that spend most of their time on the field experiencing gruesome situations. These individuals feel haunted by the memories of a traumatic past and struggle to escape it for years. These are circumstances that can aggravate trauma and stress for a lasting period, so relief is crucial. If you are wondering, what is the available help for veterans with PTSD condition? Then the recent breakthrough is the use of plant-based medications.


The people close to our hearts have a special place in our lives. The idea of suddenly losing them can have a harsh impact, so going through this reality will be even more crushing.

The demise of a loved one or ending a long relationship tends to trigger this severe stress and trauma. Those dealing with it might struggle against spells of depression and would take time before finding their footing. In the absence of support, these individuals can also make a wrong move, so they need to prepare for it. Accepting the thought might help cushion the fall.


It isn’t rare for people to shift to another state or country, but its effects might vary from person to person. Some people feel more attached to their personal space than others might think. Suddenly changing them can make them uneasy and cause distress in their lives. That is why it’s crucial to decide these things after giving it a decent thought to avoid that stress and trauma.


Everyone comes to a point in life where they have to shoulder the financial responsibilities of their family. Some people are better prepared for these changes and would welcome them, but not all.

Increasing financial obligations can cause some individuals a great degree of disturbance and force them to cave in. They would feel suffocated from this burden and would want to give up. These thoughts are hard to process and would have a stressful impact on their minds.


Relationships can lift your spirits, but different stages can have a drastic impact on your life. Marriage, for instance, demands a lot of commitment from an individual towards another being. Some people find it hard to channel their thoughts about them and feel stressed before making that decision.

Alternatively, divorce, despite mutual consent, can have similarly distressful effects. Being used to someone’s presence doesn’t rub off of you in a day or two. That’s why both of these can have traumatic consequences.


Not everyone is in a luxurious position to save some money from their income for an unfortunate development. These are people working on hourly wages who struggle to make ends meet. Losing a job for the breadwinner of such a family can be a devastating blow. They can find themselves helpless and collapsing with the thought of failing to provide for their family.

It isn’t unusual to get similar reactions from individuals with highly secured professional backgrounds. The idea of the bigger they are, the harder they fall applies to them.


Above everything else, what everyone fears most is losing their life. People who get diagnosed with advanced diseases and terminal illnesses that have no cure can experience its weight. They are beyond help and lie in wait for their suffering to end. The idea spells doom on their mind, and its stress could leave them in a state of shock for weeks or months.

Physically disabled people endure a fraction of it before getting used to the new way of life. It takes time for them to become hopeful and thrive at living again. That is why its among the leading factors that influence their psychological well-being.


These were seven factors that aggravate stress and trauma and could have a lasting impact on a person’s mental health. Several other changes or highs and lows in life might have the same outcomes. So, it serves their interest to foster some resilience against them. But, if not that, then at least be open to the idea of getting the help they need to overcome it.

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