Clever make-up storage tips

Wednesday! Cleanup day! Everything is-better-Day! Okay, I’m lying a bit now. I have official holidays, eat fresh Croatian peaches and treat myself not only, but TWO glasses of iced rosé per day.

I also do some work, and hopefully TOTALLY INSPIRING for you – with an updated post that originally went live almost five years ago on Hey Pretty and is one of the most widely read. Are you ready for some Make-Up-Lover-OrdnungsPorn?

Today, we’re just starting to get down the ante, because today’s post has been kicked off the online article “24 Life-Changing Ways to Store Your Beauty Products” on – though my life has not been significantly changed, nor have I started, my old ones To empty magazine boxes, you superlatively-horny Americans, you!

In short, when I was looking for beautiful, practical storage tips for make-up, care and hair tools.

And … THE INTERNET IS BIG, DARLING! Sixteen hours and felt 350 cat movies later I’m ready:

Here are my most elaborate discoveries in terms of “Clever make-up storage tips”, starting with the best ideas from the MarieClaire feature.

No way! A cake stand as a presentation plate for your most beautiful perfumes!

Make Up Storage Tips
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Full DIY: A pretty magazine box that keeps all your hair styling tools:

Make Up Storage,
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There’s still room behind the bathroom door, is not it? Et voilà, your new hairstyle station, thanks to pocket storage!

Make Up Storage,
If you want to do your make-up thing more CHL in the “I live on a Pinterest pinboard” style, you will love this:

Mirrored Make-Up Boxes by Pottery Barn (available only in the US) starting at $ 45.00

Mirrored Make Up Boxes by Pottery Barn
Image copyright: Pottery Barn

… but you can also get the look at H & M or Zara Home, as with me dihei – visible in my “Bathroom Tour” on Instagram:

Mirrored jewelry box from Zara Home, 89.90 francs

Mirrored Jewelry Box by Zara Home as Make-Up Storage

Your best friend, if you have a large drawer for your make-up storage available? Drawer dividers and storage systems perfectly illustrated here:

Vanity Drawer Inspo by Kate la Vie

Make-Up Drawer: Inspo by Kate La Vie
Image copyright: Kate La Vie

The idea of ​​using the back of your bathroom door is also familiar to other Pinterest disciples, in the case of:

Shoe Rack for Makeup Storage (via Pinterest)


… and Beautify in the UK offers this clever solution if you have little space on your make-up table:

Beautify Rotating Make-Up Organizer, about 30 francs

Revolving Cosmetic Organizer by Beautify UK

SORRY, I KNOW. This is nasty, louder to look for products that you do not get here in Switzerland. That’s why we’re looking at our favorite yellow/blue living giant, okay?

Do you like it all cleaned up and want to stow your make-up in drawers or boxes? No problem … off to IKEA, höhö!

Beauty blogger Who is Mocca has rebuilt the cool trolley to the beauty station, gugg:

RASKOG Seriverwagen, 59.95 francs

Make-up storage that makes sense: IKEA Raksog as a beauty station
Image credit: Who is Mocca

Or, alternatively, everything nicely stowed in drawers:

GODMORGON Box with cover by IKEA, transparent, set of 5 (14.95 Francs)

IKEA Godmorgon storage

Oh, and this new Skadis system gives you a lot of ways to keep your make-up on the wall, gugg:

IKEA Skådis Auwahrung (accessories here ), from about 40 francs

Make Up Store: IKEA Skadis Storage

Not bad … but MUJI goes one step further:

The Japanese / Global Schlicht department store delivers one of the best – and most comprehensive – make-up storage solutions ever … and finally e bitz is available in Switzerland, thanks to a pop-up store in the Glattzentrum (and hopefully from the fall of 2019 onwards) Shop there!).

MUJI make-up storage made of acrylic, almost 65 different parts (from approx. 2 Euro)

Make-Up Storage with MUJI Acrylic Boxes
Image credit: Gemma Louise

Here also a possibility of implementation with the MUJI elements of Sophie’s make-up …

MUJI Drawers for Make Up Storage
Image credit: Sophie’s Makeup

… and they are just a DREAM, as you can see in the clip of I Covet Thee!

There are also many good DIY ideas for make-up storage on the Web.

Here are some cool suggestions:

Stick together beautiful, flat-walled glasses with hot glue and pile them up, gugg nevertheless:

DIY Make-Up Storage with Glasses (via


Upcycling rules: Why not use beautiful empty scented candles as storage? 

Candle Storage by Axelle Blanpain

Scented Candle Glasses as make-up storage
Image credit: Axelle Blanpain

As a nail polish junkie, I find this IKEA hack pretty great:

IKEA Spice Rack as Nail Polish Storage (via

IKEA Spice Rack by Makeup Files

The step-by-step tutorial can be found in the link above, and there is also a YouTube clip (right here).

I hope there were also some inspiring ideas for you in these storage tips.

And in the case I NEVER LISTEN, you just throw your beautiful lipsticks and eyeshadows into the bathroom drawer, okay?

If it were up to me – and my bathroom was big enough, I would have fallen for the blogger I Covet Thee’s MUJI solution (from the clip above) … and you?

If you yourself have great DIY ideas for your make-up storage, bring it in the comments!

* This post was originally published on 14th August 2014, now updated!