Cassava Chips with Crisp bream Fillets and Brazilian Salsa Recipe


Cassava is a yummy and nutritious root tuber you can ever consume. This tuber is so versatile that it can be cooked in many ways and paired with a wide range of foods out there for a delicious, filling, and nutritious meal combination.

As far as the numerous ways of cooking cassava go, it can be roasted, boiled, deep-fried, or even baked. When it comes to the many different foods with which it can be paired, the list includes meats, vegetables, and vegetable salads.

Unfortunately, cassava has a few setbacks that may have a detrimental impact on its health benefits to human beings. For example, this root tuber is high in calories, thus can lead to weight gain, especially if overly consumed. Apart from that, it contains a toxic compound known as “Linamarin”, which can be poisonous if the tuber is consumed raw or without first being made properly. N/B: Cassava should first be detoxified properly before being cooked.

Cassava Chips with Crisp bream Fillets and Brazilian Salsa Recipe

In this post, I’m going to show you how to make cassava chips with crispy fillets of bream and Brazilian salsa. It’s a mouthwatering English delicacy with a touch of South American cuisine. It mainly consists of cassava and bream, a type of fish that is found in European rivers and lakes.

This recipe is fairly quick as it takes no more than 35 minutes to cook. Plus, it yields servings for two.

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What You Will Need

A frying pan.

A baking tray.

An ovenproof dish.

A knife.

A plate.

A zester or do-it-all peeler( used for removing fine shreds of zest from lime or any other citrus fruit).

A source of heat.

A bowl.

Kitchen pepper.


1 unit cassava.

2 units bream fillet.

2 ripe Vince tomatoes or any other.

5 tbsp. coriander.

1 red onion.

1 green pepper.

1 garlic clove.

1 lime.

1 red chili pepper.

6 tbsp. olive oil.


1. First, pre-heat your oven to 200 degrees.

2. Next, cut out the pointy ends of the cassava before peeling it.

3. Then, cut the cassava into ½cm thick circles.

4. Now, pop the cassava slices on the baking tray before drizzling them with a splash of oil.

5. After that, sprinkle the slices with enough salt and shake well.

6. Thereafter, insert the baking tray into the oven and roast the slices for 25 mins. Be sure to turn after 12 mins to make sure they roast evenly.

7. Meanwhile, chop your tomato into small, ½cm chunks.

8. Next, transfer your chunks into the bowl, sprinkling them with enough salt.

9. After mixing well your salted tomato chunks, cut your onion in half through the root.

10. Now, peel both halves and then chop 1 half into small, ½cm chunks.

11. Thereafter, add the onion chunks to your tomato chunks.

12. Then, slice the other half into thin half-moon like shapes.

13. Meanwhile, core the green pepper, slicing it as thinly as possible.

14. Next, take a quarter of your green pepper slices and chop those into tiny cubes.

15. Thereafter, add those to your tomato and red onion mix.

16. Meanwhile, chop the coriander roughly.

17. After that, zest the lime and add both(chopped coriander + lime zest) to your green pepper-tomato-red-onion mixture(salsa).

18. Now, squeeze the lime juice in the salsa before stirring in 2 tbsp. olive oil.

19. Meanwhile, cut the chili in half(lengthwise), take out the seeds and then slice thinly into tiny cubes.

20. Now, peel and grate the garlic.

21. Next, add 2 tbsp. olive oil to the pan and heat on medium to high heat until hot enough.

22. After that, stir in red onion and pepper and let cook until soft or for 5 minutes.

23. Then, add garlic and cook on medium heat for 1 minute more.

24. After removing the pan from the heat and transferring your stir-fried vegetables to the ovenproof dish, clean up the pan, and prepare to cook your sea bream.

25. Meanwhile, check if your cassava chips are ready. If they are, lower the heat to 100 degrees and put your stir-fried veggies in the oven. That should help keep them warm as you cook the fish.

26. Next, pour the remaining olive oil into the pan and heat on medium to high heat until hot enough.

27. Thereafter, pat-dry the bream fillets using the kitchen paper and season each with enough salt on both sides.

28. Then, add the fillets to the pan(skin-side down) and let cook until the edges of the fish begin to brown, or for 3 minutes.

29. Now, turn the fillets on the other side and let cook until the meat begins to brown, or for another 3 minutes.

30. After that, arrange a neat pile of the cassava chips on one side of each plate.

31. Now, pour some of the veggies alongside the chips and then place your fish on top.

32. Finally, top with your salsa, making sure to drizzle over the zesty juices and enjoy while still warm.

Final Thoughts

Cassava is a yummy delicacy you can pair with many different foods for a filling, nutritious, and yummier lunch or dinner. One of the best foods to consume with cassava is fish. Speaking of which, have you ever tried cassava chips with crisp bream fillets and Brazilian salsa? It’s absolutely sumptuous and pleasant to the taste buds. You can use the recipe from HelloFresh above to make two servings of this mouthwatering delicacy.