Guide To Cruelty-Free Perfume

As people, we all enjoy and love to smell good. Thus, it is only natural to seek after great smelling fragrances and perfumes. However, it is also embedded within us to protect the environment. This means the use of cruelty-free perfumes. Whilst buying perfume, however, many of us don’t pay attention to the manufacture of the perfume, beyond its ingredients and smells.

Yet, it is important to pay attention to all the circumstances surrounding the manufacturer and testing for the perfume. And this is easy, you just have a little more researching to do.  And the best part is that it is extremely easy to find cruelty free perfumes. Yes, they are all around us.

What is Cruelty-free perfume

Cruelty-free perfumes are basically fragrances that have not been tested on animals. Manufacturers of such perfumes believe in protecting animals and thus, they never include them in any harmful testing for their products.

How Do I Identify Cruelty-Free Perfumes

There are several ways you can identify cruelty-free perfume manufacturers. The most common ways are to answer the following questions.

  •       Does the product indicate that it is tested on animals?
  •       Do the perfume suppliers or third party companies test on animals?
  •       Does it have the cruelty free certifications?
  •       Is the perfume supplied in Mainland China?
  •       Is the perfume manufacturer owned by a parent company?

The questions are normally connected. Or sometimes give you the answer on their own.

Does the product indicate that it is tested on animals?

The answer to this is broad. Some manufacturers can simply indicate that the product is not tested on animals whilst others indicate that their product is vegan just to name a few.

Do the perfume suppliers or third party companies test on animals?

This can highly determine if the perfumes are cruelty-free on not. Whilst the manufacturers may have a cruelty free policy, their suppliers or third party companies may affect this policy. Thus, more research is always appropriate on both ends to satisfy yourself that their end product is not tested on animals.

Does it have the cruelty free certifications?

You can also look out for major certifications such as Leaping Bunny, CCF or PETA certifications. These are amongst the few certifications that indicate the perfume is not tested on animals. If you have doubts, you can try to reach out to the manufacturers and enquire.

Is the perfume supplied in Mainland China?

Mainland China is amongst countries that mandate all perfume manufacturers to test on animals before entering the perfume on the market. So if the perfume sells in China, then, it most certainly is tested on animals.

Is the perfume manufacturer owned by a parent company?

If the answer is yes, then more research is to be done on the perfume. Whilst the manufacturer may have a cruelty free policy, this policy may also be affected by that of the parent company depending on the structure of the business. However, you may also come across certain perfume options that are 100% vegan and cruelty-free even though they are manufactured by parent companies that test on animals.

Do I have Many Options

There are thousands of options for cruelty-free perfume. So you needn’t worry about your options. You can also get options from a wide price range. You can get cruelty perfume for as low as under US$20 to as high as US$1000. It all depends on your budget. Some few perfume brand examples around the realm of animal testing include;

Perfume Companies That Test On Animals

Many companies still test on animals as a way to expand their markets, including selling to countries such as China. Although some participants in testing only through funding. Some of these big brands include Michael Kors, Tom Ford, Burberry, Yves Saint Laurent, Bvlgari, Chanel, Calvin Klein and many more. Well, we can pretty much say most designer brands are not cruelty-free as the majority do sell in Mainland China.

Cruelty-Free Perfume Companies

This second category is 100% cruelty-free and doesn’t participate in animal testing at any point all the way through selling. These companies do not include animal testing during production, with their suppliers, and before distribution. This also means that they do not sell in markets that mandate animal testing such as Mainland China. These include brands such as Pacifica, Harvey Prince Organics, Lush, Terra Nova, D.S. and Durga, Arquiste, My Daughter Fragrances, French Girl Organics and many others.

Some of the prominent cruelty-free perfume brands include;

The Body Shop

Amongst popular body care and fragrance brands, the Body Shop is amongst the prominent ones for being against animal cruelty. The brand is also passionate about conservation. So if you are serious about cruelty-free perfume, this is a brand you can always depend on. And it never disappoints. Its products are natural and boast exceptional scents.

Their products include perfume oils, boy mists, Eau de toilettes, and Eau de parfum, so you can get your layering game to the next level. And if you are on a budget, the variety helps. Typically, you will spend anywhere from US$13 to US$37 on fragrances. And they host a range of scents from Japanese cherry blossom to white musk and Indian night jasmine.


Lush is also a brand known not only for its natural bath bombs and fragrances but also for its passion for sustainability, handmade products, and animal free testing. You are guaranteed to get anything from traditional sprays to solid perfumes all made from products that are not animal testing. Their production also doesn’t involve animal testing. And the best part about these natural fragrances is that they are artistically developed through inspiration from art, music, and poetry.

Perfume Companies with Ambiguity

There are also perfume companies that manufacture perfumes without providing clear information to consumers. Some may be cruelty-free whilst others may not be. However, this is difficult to determine due to the limited information available. These brands include Amouage, Frederic Malle, Histoire de Parfums, Carven, Clean and many more.