Myths About Diabetic Foot Care

If you have diabetes, you are likely to suffer from foot ulcers. These ulcers can cause the skin tissue to break down, exposing it to the layers below. This condition is painful and increases the risk of infection and amputation. However, it is surprising to note most people fail to seek treatment early, leading to amputation. Bakersfield diabetic foot care is the best solution if you are suffering from the condition. The following are the common myths that have misled people from seeking diabetic foot care.

Wounds Require Air to Heal

Some people believe that when you have a wound, you should expose it to the air. However, the person can suffer from additional health complications rather than recover. When the wound is exposed to air, it has a higher risk of infection. Furthermore, it will be dry, delaying the healing process. After an injury, you should seek topical medication and cover the wound with a bandage until it heals.

A  Person Should Disinfect the Wounds with Alcohol

Some people have been telling others that when they have a diabetic wound, they should use hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. However, you should not use them since the skin is gone completely or is very sensitive in that area. The alcohol-based solutions will worsen the condition since they are too harsh on the skin. Furthermore, in the long run, they could damage the healthy and unhealthy cells slowing the healing process. Rather than using these products, you should use soap.

You Should Check the Wound Progress Before Visiting a Specialist

Among all the myths that people have about foot ulcers, the “wait and see” is one of the myths with the worst impact. You should seek treatment as fast as possible when you suspect foot ulcers. The podiatrist advises the person to treat the ulcers promptly since the condition worsens with time. Furthermore, a wound that has progressed infection can cause acute complications such as amputation.

You should not worry about It If it is Not Hurting

One common sign of a Diabetic person is loss of sensation in the hands and feet. For instance, peripheral neuropathy and poor circulation can lead to loss of feeling. If you are a diabetic patient, you are likely to fail to feel pain or even fail to realize that the ulcer has developed. Therefore, you should frequently self-examine to check for skin breaks, sores, and abnormalities.

Sedentary People Will Not Have Foot Ulcers

 This is a myth that most people believe. Even though it seems logical, it is false. Since foot ulcers can result from exercise-related activities and running shoes, they can happen to everyone. You should wear comfortable, breathable shoes and check your feet regularly to avoid developing diabetic foot ulcers. 

Have you been suffering from a diabetic foot ulcer that has disturbed you for a long? You should not give up since the Heart and Vascular Health Center is here to help you. Dr. Vinod Kumar will diagnose your wound before offering any treatment. He will also advise you on measures to prevent the condition from recurring. Visit the facility to mark the end of your suffering.


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