Diamonds for Me: Valentine’s Giveaway with Carat

Happy Valentine’s Day, Bella! As I announced yesterday, there’s an extra feature here on Hey Pretty for those who otherwise find Valentine’s Day a little stupid.

There are no flowers, no bad lingerie that you will not wear anyway (who actually designs these awful viscose lace disasters?) And no forced-romantic dinner, but:


Yep. Hey Pretty thinks: Give yourself something today. And then, then e bitz diamond jewelry!

Diamonds by Carat bracelet (925 silver rhodium plated with a diamond), 149 francs

Diamonds by Carat bracelet silver with diamond

Is not it pretty nice?

I honestly wanted to give away another diamond bracelet first, but when I passed by the Carat store in the Glatt Center (by the way formerly Oro Vivo, new name!), I fell in love with this pretty piece!

Diamonds by Carat bracelet silver with diamond

The bracelet is made of 925 silver rhodium and has a small glittering diamond (H-SI 0.03 carat, if you want to know exactly). More importantly? It’s just the perfect expression for:

I love myself. And not only on Valentine’s Day!

If you want to win this pretty piece of jewelry, you just have to leave a comment …

Diamonds by Carat bracelet silver with diamond

… and I would like to know today what you like about yourself.

No compliment too steep, no trifle too insignificant to celebrate itself today, I think!

  • It will be played randomly tonight at 6 pm

  • The winner will be informed by e-mail and

  • all may reside in Switzerland.

Lase, right? Bring chili Bling and good luck, Sweetie!

And yeah, so good: on a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

Diamonds by Carat bracelet silver with diamond

Unpaid Advertising: This giveaway was not sponsored, but the prize was provided by Carat. Thanks!