Have Hooded Eyes? Try These False Lashes!

“False lashes aren’t for me, I always get the ones that do not fit my eyes.” Definitely, some of you have made that statement out of frustration from loads of fake lashes that you had purchased but still couldn’t get the ones that perfectly fit you.

Fake lashes are not a “one size fits all” accessory. If you want to achieve that exquisite look from lashes, you should know your eyes types first, before getting yourself lashes. Knowing your eyes type will help you to go for the right type of lashes that uniquely fit you! Most ladies who struggle with securing lashes are those who have the hooded type of eyes. Worry no more ladies, we got a solution for you that will put all your toils to an end.

What Are Hooded Eyes?

Hooded eyes refer to excess skin that folds down from below the brow bone which sometimes can reach the lash lid. Hooded eyes are a normal and common trait among many women. Most people get them as a result of some hereditary traits, and they are not a medical condition.

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Makeup For Hooded Eyes

You might have had given up on makeup because of some difficulty that hooded eyes might present to you. Applying mascara might have been a problem due to the fact that your lashes are kind of ‘caught’ in the eye creases. Fortunately, not all hope is lost. To make your lashes much more visible you can grab on false lashes. Appearance has made some exquisite, soft, thick, and classy lashes for the hooded eyes ladies.

Types of False Lashes For Hooded Eyes

Getting the right size and style of false lashes for hooded eyes type can be a challenge. We have got different amazing fake lashes that are suitable for hooded eyes. The lashes are made out of high-quality materials uniquely for you. They come in different styles, for instance, magnetic lashes, faux mink lashes as well as silk lashes. Some types also have decals attached to them that help complement your mood as well as fashion style for the day.

On point| 3D Faux Mink Lash

On Point 3D mink lashes are uniquely designed to exquisite fit the ladies with hooded eyes. The eyelashes are as soft and light as natural mink hair. These lashes can be worn about 25 times if they are well taken care of.

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Sparkler| Cluster Lashes 3D Faux Mink

These lashes are a game-changer that makes your eyes look dazzling and sparkling. Cluster lashes are pre-med fans like that come with multiple individual lashes on each bundle. These lashes are a ‘must have’ for ladies. They are a bit bulky hence they are applied on your lash line to give a thick exquisite volume over your natural lashes allowing your eyes to be fully exposed. These falsies can be used to increase the volume of your natural lashes in different areas. They are quite easy to apply them hence can be worn on a daily basis.

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Final Words

Knowing your eyes type and choosing the right lashes accordingly can dramatically transform your makeup routine. Make-up time isn’t supposed to be boring but it’s our time to be creative and every lady has to enjoy it, hence we made sure our hooded eyes type ladies also get something in store for themselves. Be sure to leave a comment below on which hooded eyelash type you’re going to go for first.

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