Fashion Flash: Boots, Boots, Boots!

We need to talk. I know, of course, that we do not have to dress up every season completely new and that a good pair of boots should actually last for years, but … My beloved buckle boats are KAPUTSCHNIK. And because I have it

a.) find it very difficult to find great boots and

b.) yesterday I actually had to complete my tax return FINALLY AND DAY Z’SPAAT and then I always have a lot of ideas for which you have to search for hours on the Internet

Today there is again a fashion flash, which might also help you to your new dream couple. Well, of course I mean Boots: 16 x Inspiration!

The scroll countdown starts … NOW!

Wow, this tall boot looks much nobler than its label (er, and price) suggests:

Slouchy leather boots from Zara , 169 francs

Slouchy leather boot with high shaft by Zara

Ooooh, these boots I find here from the colors around-WERF-end!

Bracknell Ankle boat from ground , 125 francs

The Best Boots 2019

Okay, I admit: With these ankle boots, if I’m going into a downpour, I’d probably lie crying in the middle of the road crying in embrionation and crying because they were probably IN NU RUINED, but …


ASOS Design Equals lace-up boots in pink satin, about 60 francs

ASOS Design Equals Pink Satin Lace-up Boot

Since when does Vero Moda have shoes?

Am I living under a rock? I find this snow boat somehow very easy. Or maybe it’s just the name of the yellow color “Thai Curry”, höhö!

Vero Moda VMANE Snow Boot (in 3 colors), 140 francs at Zalando

The Best Boots 2019

On these Chelsea boots, I like the relatively rough, but not too stark outsole:

Urban Outfitters Chelsea Boot MAC, about 90 francs

The best boots

A bit of animal print must be (and here there’s much MORE than a little!), And here he comes along in a quite luxurious version:

Sadie Ankle Boots in Leopard by J. Crew, about 330 francs

Sadie Ankle Boots in Leopard Calfskin by J.Crew (Hey Pretty Fashion Flash: The Best Autumn Boots 2019)

The Mary Poppins-ige Vibe (Mary Poppins? Mary Poppesk?) Of these lace-up boots comes across really well in eye-catching snake pattern and, um, ORANGE:

E8 Miista “Emma” Heeled Boots (also available in black), about CHF 250 in anthropology

E8 Miista Emma Heeled Boots by Anthropologie

Playful, but still cool:

Jeffrey Campbell boots Femme, 279 francs at Ackermann

Jeffrey Campbell Boots with Bow

A super-easy entry-level model for the cowboy look, if you do not really dare:

Cowboy leather boot by Mango, 119.95 francs

Brown Cowboy Boots by Mango

Oh, you are relaxed with the comeback of the cowboy boots?

Then all that remains to be asked is whether they are a bit too “pimps on cruise shipping” here?

ASOS Design Elliot silver cowboy boots, about 60 francs

The Best Boots 2019

Incidentally, “pimp on the cruise ship” is my new motto when buying clothes.

This one is the perfect all-rounder for me. Chic enough, and still very portable:

S. Oliver Black Label Ankle Boat , 120 francs at Zalando

S. Oliver Black Label Ankle Boots

I like the 70’s vibe of this chic, simple boot:

High-shaft boots by Globus , 249.90

Gloves cognac leather high boots

… and the color combo here I find totally relaxed:

Seychelles No One Like You Leather Boat, about 160 francs at Modcloth

Seychelles "No One Like You" Leather Boots by Modcloth

This boot here combines a few trends at once: Biker boot, subtle rivets and hiking shoe styling. That sounds like “pizza-with-ham-and-Nutella”, but works great …

Flat biker boots with studs by Zara, 129 francs

Laced Leather Biker Boots with Rivets by Zara

I beg your pardon?

What did you say?

The boots are all a bit too … BRAV?

Here you go!

Be True to Who You Are Ankle boots by Irregular Choice, about 300 francs

The Best Boots 2019

Okay, okaaaay, the shoes are also from a special Disney collection if you just got Mulan vibes.

And if you order them, you have to promise me that you will wear them for our Kafi date!

The cut-outs on this boot may not make him good for the snow, but cool:

Lascana ankle boot with cut-outs , 79.90 francs at Jelmoli shop

The Best Boots 2019

… and I really like this bootie here:

Vaboucle leather boat with heel, 205 francs at La Redoute

Vaboucle high heel leather tote by La Redoute

And now for the tragic, howl-ending of this scroll-down-boat-orgy:

Steffi has not yet found her winter boots in 2019.

I know, I can not believe it myself. That’s why the plans for the upcoming weekend are totally clear: If you meet me somewhere in Zurich on Saturday, wet with sweat and with a crazy look … please give me a little bit of courage, okay?

But now we are getting ready for a successful Wednesday, all right? Have a wonderful day, Cara!