From the life of a beauty blogger: Sandra – you know, my charming co-worker with a penchant for natural cosmetics and opponent of taupe-colored eyeshadow at Steffi – was with me yesterday at the Schaffä: She works part-time because she still studies full-time and in spring their Master will pick up in art history.

Anyway, working days with Sandra are a highlight for me because of

a.) I love her

b.) then amms trouble with lunch and actually cook something healthy instead of pushing some gluten-free muesli into me

c.) I can not stop thinking loudly while writing (which I always do, but when Sandra is there, someone is also RACING it!), and Sandra can then cover me with her wise advice, which shocks me every time she does come from a 26-year-old who is already SO GSCHIID.

I’m telling you this because I actually spent hours looking for party shoes while writing this post, and I swear, with every other couple I showed her, Sandra made exactly that face:


This face is clear:


The rainbow-colored Doc Martens boots were so casual!

But Sandra’s disapproving look was the benchmark in my selection of today’s party dress shoes … and I think she saved us from too crazy models.

But still: These shoes do not complement party outfits, YOU MAKE THE PARTY OUTFITS!

Are you ready for 15 pretty hard-wearing shoes now? I hope so!

Party Shoes

ASOS Wide Fit Sacred shoes with bow, about 60 francs

ASOS Wide Fit Glitter Pumps

Ahhhh, glitter that you can pull behind as a magical trail so your prince charming can still find you in the wildest club (I know what I’m talking about with glitter shoes!) … here’s a slightly wider model of ASOS.

Echli 80’s-Glam-meets-shark:

Made by Sarenza «Glossy Cindy» pumps, 154.90 francs

Sarenza Glossy Cindy # 1 Pumps

They look like a 1960s Cadillac, do not you think?

Superchick and also comfortable are these beautiful Puschen of soil:

Floor Cynthia  slippers hand-embroidered, 178 francs

Floor Cynthia Flats

… and if you love adornments, we’ve also found some luxury party boots for you (Sandra looked raptured, so they’re great!):

Ornate satin boots by Zara, 119 francs

Zara Embellished Satin Ankle Boots

Yes, with a holo heel. I KNOW!

At the age of 44, I personally love everything a Mäschli drama has. And these Mäschli are not only super super sexy, but also in my absolute favorite color combo pink and red :

Gianna “Miss KG” high heel sandals , approx. 50 francs at Kurt Geiger

Kurt Geiger Gianna Pumps with Bows

And no, I will not answer your question if I could walk in it: IT’S NOT ABOUT THE LAUGHING. IT’S ABOUT SEXY-AUSLOOKING!

Oh, starlit sky! Lung!

J. Crew Glitter Loafer, about 220 francs

J. Crew Glitter Flats

What are these cheeky slippers open at the back? Mules? Loafer mules? Luxusschlärpli?

Here the opposite of Schlärpli, because of vieeel too sexy:

River Island decorated leopard high heels 65 francs at Zalando

River Island Leopard Print Pumps with Embellishment

Too much? I think unless you combine them with a super-deep push-up bra neckline (or a miniskirt worn by others as a belt), it’s okay!

Sweet and also nice and cheap

H & M glittering pumps with bow, 39.95 francs

H & M Silver Pump with Mesh

Too high? So chilly?

Party shoes

… then we have just found here normally scary party-happy ballerinas for you!

ASOS Lavish Ornate velvet ballerinas, about 38 francs

ASOS Velvet Ballerinas

They could also be worn at the Downton Abby New Year’s Eve party, right? Ehm … this one rather at the 80’s gala:

ALDO Mirasa high heel pumps in metallic look, 100 francs at Zalando

Aldo Mirasa Multicolored Pump

I know, they are crazy bitz. But I think it’s soooo cool! Totally easy these are:

Freesail Clog by Croc, 39.90 francs at La Redoute

Croc Gray



It was just a joke! I just wanted to see if you’re still there or already thinking about your weekend plans!

Sorry, your eyes will be happy with these beautiful lace-up ballerinas:

Embroidered velvet ballerinas by Modcloth, about 110 francs

Modcloth Embroidered Velvet Ballet Flats

… or the absolute luxury version of party shoes, brought to you by Fendi:

Fendi suede sandals with fur pompoms, 970 francs at Grieder

Suede Fendi Sandals with Pompoms

And while we’re at STEFFI GAATS NO prices, ui nei (and the input came from SANDRA):

Christian Louboutin Moulamax boat, about 900 francs at Net-a-Porter

Christian Louboutin Moulamax Booties with Unicorn Skin Sequin Finish

Do you know how the material of these booties is described? As “unicorn skin”! Ewwww and at the same time JAAAA!

And last but not least a party shoe from which Sandra (who is now sitting right next to me) EXTREMELY DISPOSING of the following:

“No, Steffi. Nei. “

But … these are party pumps with integrated Glitzersöckli, Sandra!

Zara Shimmery Sock-Style Pumps, 99.90 Francs

Zara Partypumps with Glitter Socks

OK. It may be that I have really gone too far now. But you already have beautiful black high heels in the collection. Me too.

And I think the new party shoes must give us such a slight flutter in the lower abdomen, otherwise, they are not real party shoes.

And with that, I’m going to let you go to Weekend right now, Bella. Party? Sofa? Exciting city trip with a man who does not belong to you?

Whatever it is … enjoy yourself! Baci and see you on Monday!

Party shoes