Three Ways to Focus on Fitness in the Summer of 2020

One of the major goals you may have set yourself during the months of lockdown is to get fit. With so much time indoors, you’ll have a newfound excitement about getting out in the great outdoors to build strength and fitness and to conquer fitness challenges like climbing mountains, swimming in the sea, or running around your local nature reserve. In the article below, you’ll learn three ways in which you can refocus on your fitness this summer.

Setting Goals

The key to any long-term objective – like attempting to get fit over the discourse of the summer – is to set shorter-term goals. This means that you need to break down your ambitions into achievable milestones that you can conquer before you move onto loftier goals. Some examples of these goals include:

  • Being about to run 5K non-stop
  • Making sure you exercise five times a week
  • Building up your press-ups and sit-ups so that you can do sets of 100
  • Aiming for a PB in your swim distance
  • Taking up a completely new sport and getting the skills you need to perform it

All of these goals will naturally contribute to a rise in your fitness, and yet they’re eminently achievable. Of course, they’re flexible, too: you can raise the stakes once you meet your first goals by upping the distance, the set repetitions, or the speed. You choose to start doing marathon training after completing a 10k run for example.

Getting to a Gym

While some people enjoy exercise on their own terms – like running and cycling around their neighborhoods – the best way to get fit is undoubtedly in the setting of a gym. That’s because you have a wide range of equipment to use in the gym, from muscle-building stations to anaerobic and aerobic exercise machines. The result is a playground for fitness enthusiasts and amateurs alike.

Focusing on your fitness this summer means getting yourself into a gym. You can set your own goals, or you can find an instructor or personal trainer to help guide you through your journey to fitness. Use The Club Fitness Facilities and their trainers to help you get fit quickly, using world-class equipment to realize your fitness ambitions this summer.

An Active Lifestyle

We’ve all heard the pontificating from the fitness experts about an active lifestyle, and yet we often find it difficult to translate that advice into action in our daily lives. That’s because, for the majority of people, their jobs and personal commitments mean that they have scant time to develop active habits. However, now is the time to make the change.

From this moment, it’s time to ramp up the amount of time you spend outside. If you don’t already own one, purchase a bicycle on which you can go into town to see friends. Head out on walks while on the phone in order to exercise as you catch up with friends. Find new habits that get you out of your chair or bed and into nature – these habits will stay with you for life, maintaining your health beyond the summer.

At times, fitness can feel elusive – but these tips aim to help you get fit for the summer and maintain your fitness for the future.