Thursday Quickie: Hair Dye Update by Color Expert

Hey, sweetie! Alright with you on this wonderful Thursday? I hope so! I’m going to have a drink with my friend Jenny Kafi before I start writing properly, and this is the perfect time to bring you an update from two other lovely girlfriends!

At the big DIY hair dyeing campaign with Nadia and my sister Fränzi a month ago, I promised that I would be watching closely, how Color Expert’s glossy hair colors “develop” with them … because we all know that: fresh dyed and styled, the color looks super-brilliant, and after a few weeks it can fade and dull.

I was hoping that Schwarzkopf’s new Color Expert hair color line would not work out that way, because the plex technology “for her”, the Omegaplex , has completed extremely well in consumer reviews.

Lovely Wuschelkopf Nadia has sent me this Haarselfie with her current Color Expert hair color 4.3 Gentle Dark Brown  – about two weeks after dyeing:

Schwarzkopf Color Expert hair colors

… and Fränzi’s simultaneous color update with  5.3 Beige-Brown ?

Schwarzkopf Color Expert hair colors:


Well, it’s a collective conclusion, because Nadia and Fränzi both report that the Color Expert color covers very well: The few gray hairs have remained nice and dark! What both of them like is that the eye-catching shine that was visible (and felt) immediately after dyeing has lasted for a long time, and with the use of the conditioner sachet, which is included in the hair dye pack, and applied after three weeks – was also great refreshed.

Because I got the two ladies in front of the lens last week at our neighborhood party, there is still a group photo with the Color Expert colors, four weeks after dyeing dihei with me!

Schwarzkopf Color Expert hair colors

Schwarzkopf Color Expert hair colors

Unfortunately, there was no champagne, but do not worry: we’ll catch up soon!

The easy application and the fast exposure time of the Color Expert hair colors thus result in a DIY hair dyeing situation, which could definitely be described as a win / win . In particular, Fränzi’s new, slightly cooler shade I find just extremely beautiful on her!

Thank you for joining in, ladies – and for you die I hope that the echo gives insight into self-coloring. You still see your hairdresser, because there is no DIY kit in there, höhö.

Enjoy the day, you all … and drink enough water at the crazy temperatures, right? After all

The Schwarzkopf Color Expert Intensive Care Color Cream is now available in 16 shades of 9.90 Swiss Francs each. In addition, there is a color-sealing rinse (250ml) and color sealing cure (150ml) at 6.90 francs each.

Schwarzkopf Color Expert hair colors: Report by Hey Pretty (color update after 4 weeks)