These 11 hobbies make you smarter every day

Have not felt like challenging your brain for a long time and learning new things? Then you should discover these eleven hobbies for you.

Rewire your brain

School is said to be the most educationally intensive phase of life. Later, one would learn only half as little new things. However, this only applies if you no longer endeavor to discover new sides after leaving school. The author Don Roff has therefore summarized for  care dash eleven hobbies that could help you with this. An exciting list that we have looked at for you.

1. Read everything that gets under your fingers

If the Facebook feed is one of the first things you consume in the morning, you will get an overview of the most important events of the past 24 hours, but you will always be stuck in your own filter bubble. So how about buying a completely unknown magazine in the store that appeals to you? Or pay a visit to the bookstore to buy the thriller that has been recommended to you so often? Or maybe a classic of your secret “What do I want to read someday” list on your phone?

What it’s about: Reading takes care of the parts of your brain that are responsible for solving problems, recognizing patterns, restoring memories, and expanding your imagination.

2. Play an instrument

No, learning an instrument does not just have to be in childhood. Which instrument have you always admired?

What this brings: After a short practice period, the brain has new nerve connections, which gradually form into a network. While at first the areas for hearing, movement and sensory perception are increasingly linked, after a few weeks additional regions in the brain become active, which are responsible for the control of the hand.

3. Meditate regularly

Meditation is often labeled as a pseudo-practice. That’s not right. Meditation is the easiest and cheapest way to do something good for your brain.

What this brings: Increased ability to concentrate and better memory. In addition, it creates new gray matter in the brain (“gray matter”).

4. Require absolute maximum performance from your brain

When the muscles of the body have to be trained to stay strong, the same applies to the brain. This is possible, for example, with the help of crossword puzzles, games or sudoku.

What this brings: When the brain is regularly ramped up, it is better able to absorb new information and make new connections.

5. Fresh old knowledge new

How often have we felt at school or during our studies , to absorb as much information as possible under time pressure, to write the exam and then directly forget everything. At least we had the impression that the knowledge after it was simply blown away. To be able to use such information again, one can learn.

One possible method would be keeping a journal: it records all the information that you have learned during the day and glues Post-its. When some pages are filled, you can go back to the journal, read the content again, recall your memories, add new information, and so on.

What this brings: The stress and strengthening of the entire brain.

6. Learn a new language

A similar effect to refreshing old knowledge is learning a new language. With each practice lesson new words and rules are learned, which are repeated and expanded in the following hour.

What this brings: People who speak multiple languages ​​are more efficient in making decisions, multitasking, and planning.

7. Write down your feelings

Writing a diary and documenting your own emotions is nothing new. What is new, however, may be the positive benefits.

What this brings: It leads to a better handling of stress and stronger organizational skills.

8. Find new places

Thanks, we waited for this realization! The broadening of horizons is not just saying that while traveling , but actually true.

What it does bring: It reduces stress and, due to the new experiences, increases your intelligence.

9. Tobe yourself at the stove

Trying out a new dish and mixing the ingredients in the pot is often an experiment that does not always turn out to be successful. However, even if the food is inedible afterward, you can benefit from it.

10. Give your body some exercise

If there was already talk of brain sports , this task is foreseeable: physical exercise. Because physical activities not only support your physical fitness, but also your brain function.

What this brings: The control center of our brain for movement and coordination gets going, says brain researcher Stefan Schneider online time  – while the activity of the area, which is responsible for logical thinking, shut down. As a result, our head will start again, so to speak, and we will be able to think more freely again.

11. Take an animal

It is confirmed that animals are not only loyal companions, but can also positively affect your mental fitness.

What that brings: Mental health. For example, fish should have a calming, meditative effect on the owner.

So anyone who thinks that he could no longer bring his brain up to maximum speed since school, should dedicate himself to this list. These hobbies can increase your concentration skills, refresh old memories or even create new links. And best of all, many of these hobbies are not even costly. The only thing you have to spend is time. And that should be worth your intelligence.