How Often Should I Text Someone That I Am Dating?

It’s totally understandable to want to know the answer to the burning questions we have in the dating world. One of the most frequent questions that guys have is, “How often should I text her?”. I’m here to tell you that the answer to this is going to depend on certain factors. That’s why guys need to stick together and find the best places to go for essential pieces of dating advice for men.

So bruh, I want you to know that I’ve got your back. We all know that when we’re digging on a girl, we don’t want to come off looking like a stalker-ish creeper. And for that matter, if we’re already dating her we don’t want to come off looking like a controlling, possessive jerk. 

But where’s the common middle ground? What’s too much? What’s too little? Plus, is there ever a time when texting her may not be the best option?

In this post, I want to go over these common concerns that many of us guys have. It’s no secret that we don’t know a thing about women. Sure, when we’re with the boys kicking it, there isn’t a damn one of us who’ll admit it. But it’s true. So let’s put our pride to the side for a second. I’m going to show y’all the secret. Let’s take a closer look at where we can find some clutch dating advice for men. In my journey to find REAL dating advice for men, I discovered the answer to this question.

Texting Before Dating or After, THAT is the Question

So, the first piece of business we need to bring to the table is where you’re at in the dating phases. For instance, are you even dating this chick yet or not? Or, are you seriously dating a girl you like a lot? It’s important to know where you’re at in this interaction. It’s going to play a key role in where you need to be.

Before Dating:

I’m going to just put this out in the open. NO guy should ever think it’s cool to send texts every single day to a girl that they’re NOT actively dating. 

I mean, let me put it this way. If you receive messages all day, every day from someone, how long is it until you’re extremely annoyed?


Whether or not we realize it, this makes us look pretty damn needy to women. So, unless you’re wanting to turn off women heed this warning.

However, allow me to play devil’s advocate for a minute here. IF and only IF you and this girl are already feeling crazy about each other, then it is totally fine to text frequently. Just use your best judgment. There are exceptions to every rule.

Okay. So now that we’re on the same page, I’ll break it down a little further. An example of this scenario would be if you haven’t ever taken the girl on a first date. In this case, you shouldn’t text her much at all. Basically, the only thing you should be messaging this girl is to set up the date. Save the chatting for the date. (A pretty good way to keep the date interesting too).

Another reason you should think before deciding that you’re going to chat with a girl you barely know through text – NO ONE can convey emotions through text clearly. This will give way to numerous opportunities for her to misunderstand you. Not to mention, an opportunity for you to screw up. If that happens, you could cost yourself the chance to actually take her out on a date. 

Already Dating:

Another tip that real dating advice for men has taught me is that things are definitely different when you’re actually dating the chick. 

So, let’s say you’ve taken her out a few times and probably even slept together. If you’re unsure of if you can text her every day or not, you’re not alone. Just relax. You can totally send her as many texts as you feel like typing. HOWEVER– you definitely don’t want to come off needy or annoying!

I’m sure you realize that the reason to stop yourself from overdoing it is that she’s been spending a lot of time with you as it is. And bro, I’m sure she’s liking the things she sees. From your personality to your sense of humor, there are so many things she digs. So, don’t screw it up by sending too many SMS’s.

The Authority in Dating Advice for Men

I hope y’all realize that I didn’t just come up with this tip on my own. In fact, there’s so much more to it than I’m giving away. We all have our shortcomings, am I right? So, that’s why I feel it’s necessary to tell you guys who you need to be asking your dating and relationship questions too.

There are many gurus out there that claim they will help men pick up chicks, date them, and keep them forever. However, in my experience, they’re not all they’re cracked up to be. And that’s a shame. 

But, don’t worry! Just because there’s been some epic fails out there in the mainstream doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. The best thing you can do is find yourself a dating/relationship coach for men. 

Now, hold up. I’m not talking about just any dating coach. There’s only one type of person that qualifies for the job of knowing what women truly want and desire. Can you guess who would hold the key to unlock Pandora’s box?

A woman dating/relationship coach is the best option for dating advice for men. That’s because she just gets it. She’s going to shoot it straight. No B.S. When you find a female dating coach, she’s going to give you access to knowledge about attracting women. And it’s NOT the knowledge that all of us guys seem to think we know. I’m talking about LEGIT info from a woman who wants to give us guys an edge. 

Final Word

So, if you want to know what women want, think, and need, then try a female dating coach. You’ll be extremely confident and you’ll finally understand how women think.