Should You Become a Health Coach and How to Do It?

The motivation to become a health coach is a personal one. Every health coach begins for a different reason. Some see it as a career when they’re at school and pursue a relevant degree or college course, while others have an entrepreneurial spirit and have a love of health and fitness and a willingness to help others live a better life.

Like any career choice, you should understand your reasons for wanting to do the job. These reasons will keep you focused on achieving your goal and also be motivating when things get tough.

Reasons to Become a Self-Employed Health Coach

You want a career where you do something you’re passionate about – every day. There is more motivation to succeed and even just turn up for work every day when you love your job.

You want to make a positive difference to the world. So you can’t change the world but by helping a few people improve their health and feel better about themselves, you are having a positive impact.

You want a career with tangible results. Not every job has visible results. Being a health coach you can see the impact you have on the people you work with. You will see the person you work with lose weight or push their exercise goals further as they become fitter.

You want a career with flexibility. Working as your own boss means you connect with clients according to the hours you want to commit to. This flexibility gives you a work/life balance that you have complete control over which is not always the case when you work in a traditional 9 to 5 job. You can prioritize according to your own needs which helps greatly if you have a family.

How to Become a Health Coach

There is no set route to becoming a health coach and there are minimal barriers to entry.  The most common routes are:

Get a degree

If you want to work as a health coach in a corporate setting such as in a wellness center, for a health insurance firm, a weight loss company, or even some gym chains, a degree in a relevant subject may be required.

If you want to be a self employed health coach a degree is purely a matter of choice. If you have already done your time in the corporate world or you are looking for a job after bringing up a family, you do not have to pursue a degree to pursue your chosen path.

Become Certified

In all honesty, anyone can set themselves up to be a health coach. Browse the internet and you’ll find thousands of websites of people calling themselves a health coach.

A degree is one way to distinguish yourself and stand out in a crowded field and another way for how to become a health coach is to obtain a certification. (A quick note about the crowded field. It may be crowded but the demand is there and there is room for everyone!)

Many countries have certification accrediting agencies who run, legislate, and supervise training programs that end with a recognized certification. Certification gives you a competitive edge and indicates to your clients that you have learned the technical know-how in your chosen field.

Gain Work Experience

At the same time as pursuing a degree or certification, you need to gain work experience. You might do this by working or volunteering in a local fitness center or health club or working in private one-on-one sessions with people you know. When you are looking for new clients in the future, it helps if you have a resume to demonstrate your experience

Getting Clients

Your success will only be measured by the people you help to achieve their fitness and health goals. Like in any business, making sales – in this case, signing up new clients – is the hard part.

You can promote your services in various ways. A blog is an excellent front end selling point. On your website you can sell yourself through your profile as well as demonstrating your knowledge and experience through your blog. You can include videos which you can also post on YouTube, and you can also include your success stories.

Continuing education is also important as it demonstrates your commitment to improving the health of others. You need to keep up with trends and changes in the fitness world as you might be called up to talk to clients about everything from the latest item of exercise equipment to supplements.

Final thoughts

If you have passion for health and fitness you are halfway being qualified to become a health coach. Choose your route of creating a business, create a business plan,  and forge ahead. Good luck!