5 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Feel Cosy this Winter

As the nights start to draw in and the temperatures begin to drop, many of us are looking for ways to get their homes ready for the colder weather. If you haven’t got a mountain of money to fall back on, there are simple yet effective ways to transform your home, helping to make it look and feel cosy this winter.

Update Your Bedding

If you’re serious about revamping your home for the winter months, the best place to begin is by taking a look at your current bedding. We all know how important a good night’s sleep is for our general health, so once you climb under the duvet, you’ll want your bedding to look and feel cosy. Invest in throws and blankets that you can add on top of your duvet for some extra warmth.

Consider Soft Lighting

The right lighting in your home can work wonders and create the cosy atmosphere you’re aspiring for. With the nights getting darker earlier, it’s time to invest in lighting that oozes comfort and warmth. Whether you buy table lamps from an online electrical wholesalers or opt for fairy lights that you can hang around your bedroom, avoid harsh overhead lighting during the winter. You’ll want to pick lighting that will still keep you awake, without causing headaches!

Buy Scented Candles

Buying lots of candles and scattering them around your property will instantly provide a sense of warmth. Putting a few candles in each room will light up your space, and if you purchase scented ones, the smells will be instantly welcoming and alluring. You can dot a couple of tealights on your coffee table or around the fireplace, or go for a more dramatic look by purchasing floor lanterns. To really get in the winter spirit, you should look into scented candles like orange, cinnamon, or pine.

Accentuate the Fireplace

If your home has a fireplace, why not make the most of it during the winter months? While some homeowners may see them as a hassle in terms of buying coal, having the fire going during the colder months will really warm up your home and help you feel cosier. To accentuate the fireplace, you can decorate the mantle area with candles and vases. Make sure you pick pieces that align with your style and match the colour scheme of your space.

Buy a Large Area Rug

For those who have laminate flooring, filling up the space with a large area rug can be a great way to warm up the room instantly. If your living room is looking a little bare, simply laying down an area rug and using it as the focal point can transform the space for the better. Area rugs have fantastic insulating properties, which make them feel much warmer to walk on.

Before the winter arrives, there are lots of small things you can do which can turn your home into a cosy and warm sanctuary during the colder seasons and beyond.

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