Amplify Your Smile with the Right Cosmetic Procedure

One of the most famous cities in Australia is the beautiful town of Sydney. You’ll see a lot of fashionable people in this cosmopolitan hub because they value visual appeal and aesthetics. It aligns with human nature’s propensity to seek out beautiful things.

As such, possessing a beautiful set of pearly white teeth is vital. Dental restoration is critical to bring back your bite and beautiful smile. Finding a reputable cosmetic dentist in Sydney is crucial to your oral care’s success.

Thanks to technological advancements, there are now various techniques and tools to whiten, close gaps, or replace missing teeth. Take a look at the following dental procedures you can avail from a cosmetic dentist in Sydney to amplify your smile.

Teeth Whitening

As time goes by, it is natural for teeth to become stained and discoloured. You are more prone to this if you smoke, take certain medications, or consume beverages like coffee and tea. With a chemical process, your dentist will bleach your teeth in the clinic or provide you with a whitening-system you can use in the comforts of home. Since you are exposing your teeth to peroxide, you may experience some sensitivities, so stay away from icy and hot food. It is also vital to cease exposing your pearly whites to substances that cause discolouration.


If there is an extra space in between your teeth or a tooth is chipped and cracked, bonding is an excellent cosmetic dental procedure for you. They use unique materials to fill these cavities. Depending on the work you require, this may require a single clinic visit or more. Composite resins that are the same shade of your teeth will be directly placed on the surface to restore your beautiful teeth.


You can choose from plastic or porcelain shells to cover the front sides of your teeth. You can even change their shape and colour. Veneers look better and last longer than bonding. If you have gaps in your teeth, have cracks or chips, have stains, or have poor shape, you can opt for this cosmetic procedure to improve their looks. Your dentist will take an impression of your mouth, buff the teeth, and then cement your veneers.

Tooth Crowns

This product will cover a tooth entirely, which is why some refer to this as a dental cap. It will restore the shape and look of your tooth. It is ideal for you if you have a weak, misshapen, worn out, or broken tooth. You will need a crown to cover a large filling, hold a dental bridge, and cover both a dental implant or root canal treatment. It can be made with metal, resin, ceramic, or porcelain that’s fused to metal. Your dentist will come up with a mould of your tooth and place a temporary crown. Once the permanent crown comes back, this will be put in place. It has great longevity if you properly care for it.

Enamel Contouring

With the assistance of a cosmetic dentist in Sydney, you can get this procedure that contours your dental enamel to make your teeth look more beautiful. Sometimes, this is combined with the process of bonding. It can be used to alter the shape, length, and positioning of your teeth. It is beneficial for those with overlapping, chipped, or irregular teeth. It will also work for those with minor bite issues. You can avail of this procedure if you have healthy teeth with sufficient bone to support them.


If you have crowded and crooked teeth with irregular bite issues, you need braces to improve the teeth appearance along with the repositioning of your jaw. Braces apply pressure to correct the alignment. Your dentist must specialise in orthodontics to have the skills to guide your teeth into the right position. The dentist will use metal, ceramic, or plastic brackets on your teeth. An alternative to this is called invisible aligners, which must be changed every two weeks to effectively move your teeth alignment.

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