Famous Wall Plates Using for the TV Aerial Installation

1. Isolated Coax Wall Plates

The isolated coax wall plates normally come unscreened, I don’t know why but I have never seen lots of versions of the isolated coax wall plates. So the question will definitely come into your mind that why you listed this? The answer is hidden in the name of the wall plates which are isolated. This wall plate is safe and secure. There will be electricity danger in this wall plate, and if you have children in your home then it is also safe for them.

2. F Wall Plates

A F wall plates or sockets are actually the screws on the thread type connection. You will usually find it on the rear of LNB or tv aerial satellite receiver. I think you are familiar with the male IEC socket and female IEC socket, so this wall plate can be female for the male plug or male for the female plug. This is the reason it is mostly liked by the famous installers i.e. tvaerialinstaller.co.uk and https://tv-aerials-uk.co.uk/. The F sockets are usually used for the tv aerial satellite connections of plugs and FM radio set ups.

3. Diplexed Wall Plates

A Diplexed which is also called Duplex wall plates are the twin outlets for the TV those provide the two different kind of connections through only single coax cable. There will be only single input coax cable which will be diplexed or single combiner so how it could combine the two different signals. The famous example of the diplexed wall plat is TV Radio or FaM Radio wall plate. The major advantage of the diplexed wall plate is it can distribute more signals through out the system with the great strength and efficiency. For sure it will also save your installation expense as well as time.