Staying Fit and Healthy in London

Going on vacation or a weekend break should be a time for fun and experiences! But it’s also essential for some to stay fit, healthy, keep a similar routine, and not undo any hard work that has been cultivated at home! Thankfully, if London is the destination of choice, there are plenty of exciting ways to keep fit and healthy while exploring. This piece will discuss some of the things on offer that can keep the routine in check.

“Watch the pelican feeding along the river during your walk!”

London Parks for Walks and Fitness

There are plenty of beautiful parks in London with an ample amount of space to enjoy long walks. Victoria Park is a common favorite, where runners are often seen throughout all times of the day. St James’s Park offers something a little different, with a little more visual stimulation. Take a walk along the long stretch of the beautiful river and even watch a pelican feeding! For those who prefer an activity that is a little more energetic than a long leisurely walk, London is decked out with some of the most innovative exercise parks, dedicated to fitness lovers. What do these fitness parks include? An impressive selection of strength equipment, similar to those from a gym. From shoulder machines to chest presses, exercise bikes to ellipticals, there will be something that suits everyone’s exercise needs, and all in the great, fresh outdoors.

Search this outdoor gym map for a fitness park closest to you!

Healthy Food Eateries in London

London is a fantastic place to find all kinds of food, from the more indulgent to the utmost health-inspired dishes. Staying fit and healthy requires proper fuel, and depending on goals, nutritional intake can be essential. It is no surprise that eating out can be tricky, with all kinds of hidden additions to a meal, and the same can very much be said for eating in too. There is nothing like a takeaway after a long day, but it does not need to hinder results! Why not opt for thai food delivery? Well known for its health benefits and nurturing properties, Thai food is a firm favorite in the fitness and health community as some dishes are based around a healthy composition of grains, protein, and vegetables. Neds Noodles offers the option to customize takeaway choices, catering to all goals, and many nutrition needs.


Choose Base

Choose Sauce

Choose Filling

It is possible to find out the nutritional value of all choices, which means fitness and health fanatics alike can stick to goals, and know exactly what is in the takeaway!

Exercise Classes in London

London is home to some of the wackiest inventions when it comes to fitness classes, it would be a shame to miss out! There are plenty of choices for beginners such as “hot yoga basics”, a class where yoga takes place in a heated room, ensuring all muscles are warmed, and enabling sweat to ‘flush out toxins from the system’. Perhaps a hula hoop exercise class is something that piques interest? Where participants can have fun, strengthen the core, and master a new party trick!