Understanding Arthritis: Causes and Treatments

Arthritis is a common problem that usually affects approximately 54 million adults, the main cause of disability. Healthcare providers state that arthritis Dundalk has massively affected numerous people hindering their general wellbeing and daily activities. They also state that infection increases as many people are illiterate when arthritis is concerned. If you do not know much about Arthritis, the following are things you should know about arthritis.

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is a common disorder that affects your joints, causing pain and inflammation, making it challenging to move and stay active. Arthritis comes in several types, which causes diverse symptoms and different treatments. Even though it affects older people, it may occur to men, women, and children of any age.

What Are the Types of Arthritis?

  • Osteoarthritis: mainly develops when your joint cartilage wears down due to frequent stress.
  • Juvenile arthritis: is a disorder whereby your immune system assaults the tissue near the joint, mainly affecting kids below 16 years.
  • Gout: it is the complication that causes hard uric acid crystals to be established in the joints.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis: This disease causes the immune system to threaten synovial membranes in the joints.

What Causes Arthritis?

Generally, there are different types of arthritis that contain different causes. For example, Osteoarthritis develops whenever your joint cartilage wears down due to frequent joint stress. In most cases, you can develop arthritis if you have a family history of arthritis, autoimmune disease, viral infections, and sports activity that stresses your joints.

What Are the Risk Factors For Arthritis?

Several factors stimulate you to be at greater risk of developing arthritis. The following are the main risk factors.

Age: Usually, the risks surge as you get old.

Sex: Women are the most vulnerable to getting arthritis.

Weight: Obese inserts additional strain on your joints that leads to arthritis.

Lifestyle: in most cases, several activities such as smoking or inadequate exercise upsurge your arthritis risks.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Arthritis?

  • Stiffness
  • Pain
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Warmth

How Is Arthritis Diagnosed?

The specialist is expected to ask about symptoms and learn how joints impact your daily life. Afterward, the provider will implement the following physical exam.

  1. Checking areas having tenderness or swelling near your joints
  2. Assessing the range of motion in the joints
  3. Monitor your overall health to know if the different conditions may be causing your signs and symptoms.

What Are The Treatments For Arthritis?

Medication: pain and anti-inflammatory drugs may stimulate or relieve your symptoms.

Therapeutic injections: Cortisone shots are crucial as they temporarily remove pain and inflammation in the joints. These injections help your joints to move smoothly.

Physical therapy: in most instances, rehabilitation can assist you in increasing strength, range of motion, and general mobility.

If not prevented or treated, arthritis will affect your joint, contributing to severe pain and declining mobility. If you experience its symptoms, it is integral to see your healthcare provider. Imagine your specialist is fully booked; do not worry because CHOICE Pain & Rehabilitation Center situated in Dundalk is here for you. The center contains a team of specialists who provide exceptional and compassionate services. Visit their offices or book an appointment online to mark the end of your arthritis.

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