Top 6 Reasons Why Moms Love (And Should Get) Lash Extensions

Saving your time and money sounds appealing, doesn’t it? When you’re a workaholic mom you tend to spend a lot of time worrying about how to please everyone around you. This is why moms tend to have a hard time combining their personal and work life. Think about it… They have to feed (or even breastfeed) their kids, do the laundry, make breakfast & do their makeup! All of this in under 90 minutes (since let’s face it, who has more time to spare early in the morning)? So, if you want to speed up your morning routine, yet still end up looking flawless and with a beautiful beat in the early hours, this article is for you! Here’s how to look like a million bucks, with just one crucial makeup item!

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Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Get Lash Extensions

  1. They Are For Everyone

Not too sure if a cool mom like you can rock lash extensions? Don’t worry, you’re in the clear! How come? Well, lashes are for everyone! This means that every woman (usually older than the age of 16) can get a set of lash extensions. This means that teens, mature women, as well as party lovers can get lashes. The only important thing is that you are not allergic to them. As long as faux mink, mink or synthetic lashes don’t irritate your eyelids (as well as the glue itself) you will be in the clear! Get a set of lash extensions and enjoy them for 3 weeks, 4 tops! The best part? You can get a customizable solution that everyone will fancy, and that is custom per your eye shape.

  1. They Will Save So Much Of Your Time

So, not too sure what your makeup is going to look like? Don’t worry, you will be saving a lot more time than you’re used to. This means that you’ll be looking 10x better while investing a lot less time. How? Lash extensions look great on their own without any additions of mascara. This means that you will have a flawless outcome the second you wake up! No reason to use falsies, lash curlers, mascara or even eyeliner. You can have a beautiful outcome the second you wake up. All you have to do is brush your lashes out with a spoolie, and that’s it!

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  1. They Will Survive Anything

Are you worried about wearing them while your toddlers are making a mess? Not too sure if you can shower or swim while having them on? Relax, you can! Lash extensions are water-resistant as well as safe to use even when you swim in the ocean. They can survive high heat, wind, as well as any unexpected crying (you know, the kind you experience when your children get onto your last nerve). You can freely wear them any time, anywhere! As long as you avoid applying any oil or cotton onto them, you will have them for weeks!

  1. They Won’t Look Weird Or Unnatural

A lot of women are worried that their lashes won’t look natural. Are you someone who is into that effortless minimalistic look? You can achieve that! Just ask your lash esthetician to give you a customized solution. Talk the process through and ask for something that speaks to you. This is usually a simple wispy lash, perfect for low maintenance women. If you find a trustworthy lash expert, you will love your outcome!

  1. They Will Save You Money (And Patience)

Believe it or not, you will be a lot calmer and patient each day. You won’t have any runny mascara moments, nor irritated eyelids. This is because lash extensions look great and demand no specific upkeep. Money-wise, think about it. You won’t have to invest any additional money into purchasing your lashes or lash materials. You will have a flawless artificial lash for weeks to come! You won’t spend a dollar on any fill-ups or additional treatments. Just pay the initial price (which can vary from $40-80) and enjoy your lashes for the upcoming period!

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  1. You Will Want To Refill Them

After some time lash extensions will shed and leave you with a couple of sparse areas. This is not necessarily a bad look, but it does have a weird spider vibe that not everyone fancy. Your lashes will shed around the third week, and will demand a touch-up. Luckily for you, refills take half of your time (the initial application takes 60-90 minutes, while the refill is done in 30-40)! Also, a refill is almost always half the price! This is because you won’t get a full set, and your lash expert will use a lot fewer materials. So, why not get a refill? As long as it is inexpensive, leaves you with a long-lasting outcome, and looks stunning – give it a go!