Spa Review: Luxury with a View at Le Mirador

It should be really lousy, the weather on this late October weekend. Even Steffi, the reported fall fan, is the prognosis degree echli even drab. And so, for the start of the weekend, it’s a load of sunshine, Le Mirador spa enjoyment and, um … Charlie Chaplin. But first things first!

A few weeks ago I was allowed to pack my girlfriend and regular Reisebeschändli Nadja Zimmermann Loumalou in the trunk in the passenger seat to drive with her to the beautiful Lake Geneva.

We accepted an invitation from the Le Mirador Resort & Spa – a beautiful 5-star hotel that attracts connoisseurs from all over the world, high above Vevey, amidst the vineyards of Switzerland’s UNESCO World Heritage.

And now also us … at least for 24 hours!

Entrance of the Le Mirador Resort and Spa in Mont-Pelerin


Built in 1904 (as the “Mon Repos” clinic for the mentally ill!), This luxury hotel with its own medical center offers absolutely unique views across Lac Léman as well as deep into the Rhone Valley.

The alpine panorama, combined with unique service and extremely stylish, modern designed rooms (in total the Le Mirador has 61 rooms and suites) is really almost a bit breathtaking.

I apologize NOW for the many vistas, but … I think you understand why!

The mixture of classic rooms such as the lush billiard room or the dining room with the modern, super-airy extension has succeeded, and Nadja and I are very happy about our large, top-equipped junior suite (all rooms and suites have their own balcony with sun loungers, by the way) in the modern south wing.

View from the balcony of a Junior Suite at Le Mirador Mont-Pelerin (Hey Pretty Beauty Blog)

Junior Suite at Le Mirador Resort & Spa near Vevey (Image credit and review: Hey Pretty Beauty Blog)

Every place that has its own pillow menu is a place I want to be.

But we only set ourselves up briefly, because … well, you know: The spa is calling!


Spa Givenchy: Experience Report at Le Mirador Mont-Pelerin (Hey Pretty Beauty Blog)

Spa Givenchy at Le Mirador Mont-Pelerin (near Vevey): relaxation room - Image by Hey Pretty

They had me at «Givenchy» of course! A few years ago, Givenchy has withdrawn quite a bit of beauty from the Swiss market, which I think is a shame: with the exception of the Douglas Webshop (which has a considerable range!), The beautiful make-up and care products are no longer available anywhere which is why I always fall for it when I see it in Duty Free shops abroad.

That’s why the Givenchy facial treatment was the highlight of my stay at Le Mirador!

Hubert de Givenchy’s maxim was “The secret of elegance is to look like itself” , and this is lived here in a wonderful way at Le Mirador. At Givenchy Spa, 1750m2 of quiet, beauty and the same breathtaking views as in the rest of the hotel: I love it when the spa literally gets a window seat and is not hidden in the basement!

Le Spa Givenchy at Le Mirador in Mont-Pelerin on Lake Geneva: Hey Pretty Spa Review

A total of 11 treatment rooms offer facial and body treatments, as well as massages with the luxury Givenchy products … exclusively by in-Paris-in-the-mother-trained therapists and beauticians.

I’m a little bit proud of the fact that I spoke French for only one and a half hours with my beauty expert Swetlana, but I am also ashamed that she was able to tell so much about the individual processes and products that I asked a lot but now almost nothing could reflect here!

I really have to do a year abroad in Paris! Ooooh, how about a new sub-blog “Hey Pretty – The Paris Years?”!

Sorry, back to the Givenchy Spa and the truly lavish, unbelievably relaxing “Le Soin Noir Signature Treatment” (90 minutes, 345 francs), which laced with the products of the new anti-aging line an all-round renewal package, always with the power of an ancient algae species, which has very special regenerative abilities.

Givenchy Le Soin Noir: Treatments and Products Available at the Givenchy Le Mirador Switzerland Spa (Hey Pretty Beauty Blog Review)

My absolute favorite part of the treatment was definitely the surprising cleansing Le Soin Noir Rituel de Nettoyage: A cleansing gel that feels like a peel-off mask when applied, and then with the (corresponding) black konjac sponge and water is foamed and becomes a bubbly, sensual foam mass. I thought the product was so great that I spent 120 francs on it after the treatment of ONE HAIR.

My self-control, however, only lasted home, where I had to order the product directly from Douglas, cough.

She is really great, I swear!

Givenchy Le Soin Noir Rituel de Nettoyage Cleanser (Hey Pretty Beauty Blog Review: Le Mirador Resort & Spa)

Wonderfully relaxed from Swetlana’s gratuities and wonderful massage I floated on the sun terrace, where Nadja lay under a huge sunshade and read a biography of Charlie Chaplin.

Or “trying to read” because I wanted to coach her all the time in the art of the perfect Hot Dog Legs photo. She was not interested.

Sun terrace of the Le Mirador Spa in Mont-Pelerin (near Vevey): Hey Pretty Beauty Blog Review

The weather was way too nice to visit the hammam and sauna, but I could definitely catch up with that, because the Givenchy spa can also be visited as a day trip: For 80 francs, the day spa is open all day for fitness, Sauna, Hammam and the beautiful pool with panoramic sundeck. .. but if you are already here, it would be a pity not to treat yourself to a beauty treatment! LE NO NOIR, sägi name!

Aperitif on the terrace of Le Mirador (Spa Review on Hey Pretty Beauty Blog)
Nadja had it birebitezli hungry here. Do you see that?

Aperitif on the terrace of Le Mirador (Spa Review on Hey Pretty Beauty Blog)

Excited for the aperitif on the sun terrace, we then set off for “Znacht”, because at Le Mirador you eat quite, VERY exquisitely.

In the hotel’s Japanese restaurant Hinata, Nadja and I were allowed to enjoy a three-course Chef’s Menu: first outside on the terrace, and then – when the last guests escaped the fall-like thunderstorm – for the spicy, delicious (and gluten-free!) “Popcorn Chicken” inside, before we fell into bed full and happy.

Chef's Menu at Restaurant Hinata, Le Mirador Resort & Spa (Hey Pretty Review)

But we did not sleep too long: After the great breakfast at Le Mirador it was said “goodbye”, and we drove on winding country roads through the vineyards down to Vevey, because we wanted to be early in the latest attraction of the region!


Chaplin's World in Vevey: A Visit with Hey Pretty Beauty Blog

My God, this blog post is ELLEN LANG! I could also spend hours telling you about the story behind the museum opened in 2014 in Charlie Chaplin’s Villa and the accompanying cinema and “adventure tour”. But it would be a bit of a shame because visiting Chaplin’s World was a complete surprise for me!

I had expected a bit of Disneyland-for-tourists, but as well as the incredibly well-kept villa with the “life museum” of the Chaplin family, as well as the cinema was just SENSATIONAL made.

Chaplin's World in Vevey on Hey Pretty Beauty Blog (Image credit: Loumalou)

You'll never find rainbows if you're looking down (Charlie Chaplin, at Chaplin's World)

Chaplin's World in Vevey on Hey Pretty Beauty Blog (Image credit: Loumalou)

Chaplin's World in Vevey on Hey Pretty Beauty Blog (Image credit: Loumalou)

Even though I knew nothing more about the legendary actor Charlie Chaplin (and the revolutionist!), It was extremely exciting … and the whole setting in the property was so nice that I can highly recommend the visit.

There is a lot to discover in the area anyway: In addition to Chaplin’s World also attracts the Alimentarium, a cruise on the Lac Léman, the Chillon Castle and much more.

By the way, Nadja has written a great feature on our trip with “Why Vevey Worth a Trip”.

Funnily, two weeks later, she went straight back to review the new design hotel Modern Times, which also looks great. Read on LouMalou , please!

Lake Promenade Vevey: Travel Report and Spa Review of Le Mirador on Hey Pretty Beauty Blog


Sure, that Najda and I wanted to pay a visit to the small town of Vevey, before heading back to Zurich … after a really nice lunch at Café N & Co. in the organic boutique Quinte & Sens (with many gluten-free dishes AND EVEN A SANDWICH), some sightseeing in the old town and the lake …

Sightseeing in Vevey: Tips on Hey Pretty Beauty Blog

Street Art in Vevey (Image by Hey Pretty)

Lake Promenade Vevey, Image by (Hey Pretty Spa Review)

Cathy's Biscuits in Vevey (Spa Review Le Mirador on Hey Pretty, Sightseeing in Vevey)

… we both had to admit that this small town has beaucoup de charme ! Fun fact: I only knew Vevey from two romantic weekends in my early twenties, when I was working with a design student who was here in education – and I like his beautiful apartment on the hillside above, as well as his dramatic ones,  Had confused love confessions. SORRY, HE HAS MADE ME AFTER THE FINAL MAKE HIS PIPES DESIGNED IN A REAL FLAKON.

Take that, tiger prince! Just kidding. Please do not cry.

Sightseeing in Vevey: The Sea Fork of the Alimentarium, brought to you by Hey Pretty and Loumalou


Of course, the stunning, highly-Instagram-worthy view is the main draw of the Hotel & Spa Le Mirador … but what I really like here is that the hotel (including restaurants, spa and rooms) never feels too “exclusive”. But the staff is way too friendly.

Maybe it was just because Nadia and I really enjoyed spending some time together and talking for hours – but I also found that friendly, laid-back vibe “down” in Vevey … so that’s it maybe really in the air and the feeling of space that I always enjoy when I’m on Lake Geneva … here you can read my spa reviews in Lausanne and Montreux for even more Lac Léman luck!

All in all a beautiful experience, which has long been a delight for my beauty heart (Givenchy-Love forever!) As well as my taste buds (sushi with a view!) And my soul (gopfertelli, this lake!).

I told you, there is a lot of sunshine on Hey Pretty today!

I hope you enjoyed the short trip with us and also virtually sunk a bit of sunshine. So, hopphopp hopefully cozy weekend. Do you have great plans? Or is there Cocooning-de-Luxe with you? Good as well!

On a wonderful weekend and up to Mäntig, chérie!

Le Mirador Resort & Spa, Chemin de l’Hôtel Mirador 5, 1801 Mont-Pelerin. Double room from about 300 francs per night. The Givenchy Spa is also open to non-hotel guests, here long for the treatment menu!

Spa Review on Hey Pretty: Le Mirador on Lake Geneva

* The stay at the Le Mirador, as well as the beauty treatment in the Givenchy Spa was offered to me by the hotel for review purposes.