I was extremely excited about the announced “Matte Shakers” by Lancôme … but I would not have dared to hope that they would be delivered in such a nice press kit.

We have to unpack that right now, okay?

Lancome Matte Shaker

Lancome Matte Shaker

Opening the Lancome Matte Shaker

Lancome Matte Shakers


The Matte Shakers by Lancôme are more or less the logical evolution of the bestseller Juicy Shaker, which caused a sensation last winter: the 2-phase lip oils in the hearty cocktail shaker have been scary, and now the shaker party is also available in a matte finish.

Incidentally, by “matte” I personally mean “semi-dull and yet alive” . And eerily beautiful, as you can see in the slideshow with the seven nuances:

Lancôme Matte Shaker (in 7 shades), each about 30 francs

Formulated, the Matte Shakers are officially formulated as liquid lipsticks with extremely high pigmentation, which should be  “twice as fine and twice as intense” formulated as conventional lipsticks, thanks to the so-called UltraThin technology.

In terms of color, they do a great deal: the hold is guaranteed even for “the whole day”.

They were delivered immediately with  the matching, also reformulated Lip Liners, which should provide the perfect grip:

Lancôme Le Lip Liner (in 7 shades), each 32 francs

Lancome Le Lip Liner (7 Shades),

Lancome Le Lip Liner

I purposely did not wear the liners with the mat shakers to see how well they hold (and whether they bleed into the small wrinkles), but the pens are super soft and the brushes are perfect, then the lipstick to apply precisely.

But now it’s high time we swat the mat shakers, do not you think so? I grabbed four shades and practiced my best beauty blogger at work face. Ready?

We start with  Beige Vintage, a beautiful, unadulterated old rose …

Lancome Matte Shaker

… where you can see that the finish is a bit glossy immediately after applying it. It lays down after about 10 or 15 minutes, but they never get really crass-dull. Luckily, I think!

It continues with the super happy coral red Magic Orange :

Lancome Matte Shaker in Magic Orange

Here’s the name program: Yummy Pink, anyone?

Lancome Matte Shaker in Yummy Pink

and in the end it will be pretty classic again with Kiss Me Chérie, a browny-red middle-red (although I can not rule out that there is a bit of pink in the swatche, in case):

Lancome Matte Shaker Kiss Me Chérie


Yes, they were “shakers” … but the super-rich color and feel of the new Matte Shakers is pleasant and very light – without the slight rubbery, elastic feel that some Liquid Lipsticks have.

By the way, Lancôme says that his lips feel “unadorned” after a few minutes and that has something. The application makes fun with the sponge applicator as well as with the Juicy Shakers … but here I am amazed, how exactly the (much more intensive) mat color can be applied, even without a contour pencil before.

Steffi tip: Apply the paint from the middle and only then make the contours so that there is no “color border”!

Lancome Matte Shaker Applicator Close-Up

Although they are not extremely moisturizing in the long run – I would lie there – but for those who like dull lips, but do not look so “chubby” (and put the product on display as a layer on the lips), it really should be fun , And even if Lancôme probably does not apply this, you also have a Lip Stain for free with it: The lips remain even after removing make-up (or quadruple Swatches, as with me) even during intense pigmentation hours!

But hey, that’s a good payoff for the color intensity, I think. That, coupled with the super-easy application also makes the new shakers for me a highlight.

I really like it! And now the last Produktföteli, I swear.

Lancome Matte Shakers Review

Aaah, that did you good. So we can all be totally relieved and start with a small kick of color in the short work week.

And the answer to your question is: YES, OF COURSE, A SCHOGGIHASE IS A LEGITIMATE LUNCH TODAY.

Have a great Tuesday!

The Lancôme Matte Shakers are now available in 7 shades of 29.90 Swiss Francs, the new Le Lip Liners  (also 7 shades) at 32 Swiss Francs.