5 Online Trends in Men’s Jewelry: Your Guide to Great Styling

When we think of the word “jewelry,” it’s always associated with women’s glitter and glamour. But times have changed, and nowadays, men are more inclined to wear jewelry. Men from all walks of life have now found jewelry an essential piece to their style.

Men today wear various jewelry, such as statement bracelets, watches, and even posh earrings. When it comes to jewelry, men are looking more into trendy and sophisticated designs. That said, there are now a handful of pieces you can find online that have a lot of style and fashion. Even with simple pieces, a guy’s style can be elevated from the usual dull look.

If you’re reading this article, perhaps you are on the lookout for the hottest and newest craze on men’s jewelry and fashion. Or maybe, you’re just simply hunting for the freshest trends out there before you go on a jewelry shopping spree. If so, we’re to help you out. From diamond chains to artsy necklaces, here are the top 5 men’s jewelry and accessories that are great for styling and are versatile for every occasion.


Stylish rings with designs and patterns bring character to its wearer. Today’s men’s fashion proves that rings are not just for weddings. It can also be worn for your daily suave styling. 

A solitaire diamond ring is one example of a stylish statement ring that is both traditional and trendy. It is also great as a status symbol. Moreover, black, silver, and gold rings are a great all-around choice for any ring collection. But if you’re not into metal, wood rings also create a special exquisite look that is perfect for every man. 


Diamond Chains

Diamond chains are practically a piece of jewelry that most men are happy to wear. A diamond chain for a man represents strength, confidence, and extravagance. A lot of men appreciate it when they’re gifted with a stylish chain glittered with diamonds. 

A diamond chain can create a more masculine and timeless vibe. Also, there are various stylish chains that can adapt to any style, from posh gentleman to edgy bad boy. Hence, for a more refined look, wear something classy, such as a charming diamond chain. A diamond chain complements every man’s look while giving a lasting impression. 

Skeleton Watches

A great watch improves your style. Hence, a watch is an accessory capable of creating a statement, no matter how simple or intricate its design is. 

A steampunk-inspired skeleton timepiece is still trending in men’s jewelry and accessories. These skeleton watches have a unique way of showcasing the art of watchmaking. 

Because of its versatility, skeleton watches can be worn with a business suit, a neat button-down, or a smart-casual blazer. Whatever style you decide, skeleton watches will always give you an elevated look with a contemporary twist.

Artsy Necklace

Minimalism is still holding a top spot in men’s jewelry and accessories. Minimalist necklaces, such as artsy necklaces, can look rustic and woodsy, perfect for men who want to look stylish without being too flashy. These kinds of necklaces are the best example of simplicity and creativity. 

In one of the exhibitions in Paris, a necklace with a pendant bearing a carved dog’s head creates an offsetting look of elegance and artistry. An artsy statement pendant is worn best when combined with an eclectic attire. 

Pearl Bracelets

Bracelets featuring a single type of gem are also trending today. It can be worn by itself or stacked along with other similar styles of bracelets. A pearl bracelet is often made of leather or rubber, with glossy silver or gold-tone finishing touches. It can also be worn with your favorite rings to elevate your look. 

A great example of this accessory is a baroque style pearl bracelet. Moreover, one thing to consider with these bracelets is the more unique the design is, the better. Choose alternative pearl shades, ranging from warm hues to dark colors for a classic and elegantly modern appeal.


For men, the right accessories can elevate more than just one’s style. It adds confidence, too. The accessories in this list are currently trending in men’s jewelry and accessories, making it sought after by many. Now, you know which jewelry you should set sight on. Hence, whether you’re hunting for the best piece to rock on or update your jewelry collection, keeping up with the trend in men’s jewelry will help you find what you’re looking for.