Pyjama Styling Guide – How to Style the Pyjama 

As soon as the alarm goes off, that ugh feeling about “what I should wear today” hits- right? I know because I’ve been there too. But the morning doesn’t have to be that stressful seriously. What if I tell you that you don’t have to change out of your pyjamas? Yes, you can literally wear pyjamas all day long. Want to master the pyjama-style trend?  Are you excited? Wanna know how? Ladies! follow these tips then. 

Pyjama set with a lace bralette:

Pyjama set with a lace bralette

Want to get into classic chic style trends? The full PJ can look a little intimidating so we broke it down for you: Wear a sexy lacy bralette underneath to keep the look sexy and throw on a pair of boots to dress it up. Top it off with some cool sunglasses and accessories.

Pyjama with a crop top

Pyjama with a crop top

Are you a fan of crop tops? Then this style is a boon for you! Just add your favorite crop top to your pyjama and boom- from bed to BAM! You will definitely look stunning. Add some cool sneakers to look perfectly flawless!

Pyjama sports bra:

Pyjama sports bra

Want a cool sporty look. Don’t think too much sweetie! Just get up from your bed, take off your sleep tee and put on some hot sports bra! That’s it. This pyjama and sports bra look will definitely make you look hot and stunning! Put on some cool sneakers and accessories and lady you’re good to go!

Floral Pyjama floral top:

Floral Pyjama floral top

Almost every woman loves floral prints. It gives you pleasant and classy vibes. Put on your favorite floral PJ and top and add a long cardigan or even a denim jacket. Trust me this look will make everyone sing “I just wanna see how beautiful you are” for sure. Put on some nice sandals or wedges and a cute bracelet and baby you’re perfect to go!

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Pyjama and men’s shirt:

Pyjama and men’s shirt

Stealing clothes from your boyfriend or brother and styling them into pretty outfits are always fun! So here we are again creating a pretty style. Grab any pretty shirt from your man and put on your favorite pyjamas. Tuck it in or just leave it free and boom- look at this pretty street style. Wear some cool pumps or formal shoes and you’re good to go, girl!

Why buy new clothes when you can style a pyjama in different ways and mix it with other clothes to create new outfits? If you come under those lazy girls who still want to look hot and stunning, these tips will definitely make you look incredible! From BED