How many times have I actually uploaded a post here that begins with “I may not be the youngest …”? I HOPE, RIGHT RARE. But today I would have liked to do that because Paul Mitchell’s new hair care and styling line is if I’m being completely honest, made for teens.


“Style that stands out” is the motto of NEON Haircare – six new products that are actually from the luxury hair care segment, but this time (also priced!) Are clearly formulated for the younger style queen.

Paul Mitchell NEON Review

Paul Mitchell's NEON Haircare Review

Paul Mitchell NEON Review

Nice hair? Yes, but the NEON collection also carries a beautiful message!

By means of a large-scale campaign, which takes place on the Instagram account @neonhair as well as on-line here, Paul Mitchell wants to draw attention to the problem of the Bullying and to encourage young people, not only to stand themselves, but also to become active, if they see someone “bullied”.

Because the numbers speak for themselves: In the US, 70% of young people have observed bullying, every fourth adolescent has been bullied by himself … and in 57% of cases, the bully leaves within 10 seconds of his victim when eyewitnesses intervene.

Promote positive self-esteem while still looking good? What’s not to like!

Here are the six NEON products by Paul Mitchell in detail:

NEON Sugar Cleanse Shampoo (300ml), 16.50 Francs

Paul Mitchell's NEON Sugar Cleanse Shampoo Review

and NEON Sugar Rinse Conditioner (300ml), 16.50 francs each

NEON Sugar Rinse Conditioner Review

The shampoo for fresh hair cleanses deeply and thoroughly and prepares the hair for styling, while the appropriate conditioner untangles, loosens knots and makes the hair wonderfully soft, without complaining.

If the hair is freshly washed and cared for, it goes to the styling with these four new products:

NEON Sugar Twist Structure Cream (200ml), 17.50 francs

Paul Mitchell NEON Sugar Twist Review

Do you know the problem with the “I-am-clean-but-mag-grad-nöd” -hair? The Sugar Twist is a structured cream that can be used to quickly create ruffled beach waves or curly looks.

NEON Sugar Spray (250ml), 17.50 francs

Paul Mitchell's NEON Sugar Spray Review

“Structure and abundance” are available with the sugar booster in spray form: the sugar spray gives Kontour, without a rigid or “crunchy” effect, and moisturizes the hair even more.

NEON Sugar Cream (200ml), 17.50 francs

Paul Mitchell NEON Sugar Cream Review

Do you have stubborn, frizzy hair? The smoothing cream of the Sugar line tames and gives a silky shine … also ideal to define braids or knots!

NEON Sugar Confection (250ml), 17.50 francs

Paul Mitchell NEON Sugar Confection Review

A hairspray that does control but does not make a helmet frizz? The Sugar Confection adds shine and hold … especially on updos!

By the way, if you’re wondering if this sugar scam is just marketing … Nä-äää!

The entire NEON line is actually based on natural sugar, which effectively nourishes and styles the hair and is still vegan.

And there are never any animal experiments with Paul Mitchell!

Paul Mitchell NEON Review

Paul Mitchell NEON Review


Professional hair care for the younger (Paul Mitchell) customer who does not cost all the world and still has a cool message to wear? I am totally in favor.

And sorry, the packaging is in such a good mood, but the scent is heavenly. It is as if cotton candy had made a child with a Calippo ice cream and then rolled it into the grated coconut.


I can now describe the happy, sweet NEON fragrance for so long … or just give you the chance to experience it yourself, blush!

Yay! An after-vacation hair care giveaway! If you want to win one of the three NEON hair care sets with all six products (worth 103 francs each) and some cool, neon-colored Faber-Castell scribes, just leave a comment below.

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As easy at that.

Good luck with this daring raffle and a perfectly hot, bully-free weekend I wish you, sweetie!

The Paul Mitchell NEON Haircare line is now available at Paul Mitchell salons as well as at selected specialist retailers, including Perfecthair, and Clickandcare.

* The products discussed have been provided to me as PR samples by the brand or their PR agency, and this post also includes affiliate links … more on this under “About me”!

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