A Bodybuilder’s Guide to Peptides

If you’re looking for something that can supplement your bodybuilding journey and help you increase your gains, you can turn towards peptides.

Peptides are very popular in the world of muscle-making and bodybuilding. But while they are popular, people still don’t know a lot of things about peptides, how they work, how to buy peptides, and more.

In this article, we’re going to give you a brief but informative introduction to peptides and also let you know how to buy peptide online. If you want to know what we have in store, just keep reading.

What are Peptides?

In scientific terms, peptides are short amino acid chains that consist of anywhere between 2 to 50 amino acids.

In layman’s terms, peptides are smaller versions of proteins, which is said so since amino acids are the foundations or building blocks of proteins.

Peptides are used for two main purposes, in the cosmetic and health field. There are collagen peptides, which have anti-aging properties and boost skin health and there are creatine peptides, which are used to build muscle mass and assist in the bodybuilding journey.

How Do Peptides Work?

While the actual process is much more detailed and complicated, here is a simple breakdown of the peptides work.

Peptides which are small amino acid chains attach themselves to cellular level receptors and then give specific instructions to them. However, it is important to remember that certain kinds of peptides work in slightly different ways.

Peptides influence the way your body and your entire system react to nutrition, diet, and exercise. It even affects your mood, mental health, and brain-behavior or cognitive abilities. Because of such influence, peptides lead to better muscle gain and allow you to build more muscle mass.

Best Peptides To Buy

There are numerous types of peptides that you can find online. Each of them has unique properties, and they each work differently as well. However, we’re going to mention a few peptides that we believe function well and meet expectations most of the time.

  1. BPC 157: The first pick that we have on this list is the BPC 157 or Body Protecting Compound. Its main function is that it helps in muscle healing and induces a faster regeneration in cells. It is said it cuts healing in half! Other than that, BPC 157 also helps repair bone tissue, decreases inflammation, and more.
  2. IGF-1 DES: IGF-1 DES is another really popular peptide. You can buy IGF-1 DES online easily as it is available on most websites and rightly so. IGF stands for Insulin-like Growth Factor and it goes to certain muscles and ligaments, and there it helps build lean tissue. Not only does it increase lean muscle mass, but it lowers fat at the same time. So you truly get the best of both worlds with this.
  3. Ipamorelin: Our third pick is Ipamorelin which is also referred to as CJC1295. Ipamorelin boosts the production of protein in your body and also induces the utilization of fat content. It stimulates the growth hormone which consequently leads to an increase in muscle mass as well as bone density. Other than these, it also leads to better healing and recovery as well as better sleep.

The Benefits and Side-Effects of Peptides


Peptides do much more than just build body mass, although that is one of their primary functions. Here’s a quick look at all the benefits of using peptides.

  1. Peptides help build muscle mass and even induce a decrease in fat content as well as better utilization of fats.
  2. Another primary benefit of peptides is that it improves wound healing capabilities of the body and leads to better regeneration of the nerves and muscles. Many peptides, like the BPC-157, reduce healing properties by half.
  3. Certain peptides like collagen have enormous anti-aging and skin-renewing properties that keep skin looking younger and much healthier. Such properties have made collagen a go-to product in cosmetics.
  4. Peptides also improve bone density and reduce bone mass as well, however, there is a need for more research in this area before coming to a concrete solution.


Along with benefits, peptides also have certain side-effects which include the following:

  1. Dry mouth, dry skin, dry throat, and dry or bleeding nose.
  2. Itchiness in the skin, especially in areas where the peptides are injected.
  3. High blood pressure.
  4. Kidney and joint pain, which may even be extreme at certain times.
  5. Increased weight gain and loss.