3 Types of Physical Health You Might Not Think About

Looking after your mind and body can be made to sound all too simple online, in books and on television. It is sometimes portrayed that going to the gym, eating healthily and keeping yourself entertained and positive are the simple one-size-fits-all answers to staying fit. There are, however, several aspects of physical health that you might not think about, or that might slip your mind. These three parts of your body should all be looked after with the same vivacity that you try and look after your heart and lungs.

Eye health

Eye health is hugely important. In a National Institutes of Health report, Paul A. Sieving noted that in the USA, people who have a visual impairment can gain better vision with the correct contact lenses or glasses to help them see clearly. It is also important for people to have their eyes examined regularly. If there are any potential issues with your eye health, or diseases such as glaucoma, the earlier they are found the quicker they can be treated, and the better chance that you have to save your vision.

This shows the importance of looking after your eye health and getting your eyes checked regularly. Usual vision screener functions include checking your acuity (your vision’s accuracy), your depth perception, your color reception and your general eye health. When you think you can see acceptably, it can be easy to not think about eye health.

Dental health

Similarly, dental health can be ignored. Until pain is experienced or blood is present, you may think that your dental health is perfectly fine, but that might not be the case. Keeping on top of brushing teeth twice a day and flossing is essential. Use a toothbrush with a smaller head to reach your back teeth and try and brush your teeth after rather than before meals.

You can also protect your teeth through your diet. Try and reduce the number of sugary foods you eat, as well as keeping alcohol and cigarettes to a minimum. Though unexpected factors can affect your teeth, living this dental-conscious lifestyle should prevent you from developing potentially painful and costly issues.


Your skin is the largest organ in your body, regulating body temperature and protecting your body from microbes and other outside forces and elements. As such, it should be taken well care of but is often neglected.

Those who live in sunny climates especially should take care of their skin, protecting against ultraviolet rays by staying in shady areas, wearing a hat and using sunscreen. Skin should be moisturized to stop it from drying out: this is also particularly relevant in cold and windy areas.

Some other, perhaps less obvious, ways to look after your skin are:

  • Avoid using strong soaps and shampoos that could irritate your skin. If you feel discomfort after showering or bathing, then change product
  • Pat your skin dry
  • Exfoliate your skin to unclog pores helping prevent acne and even your skin tone