Reasons to Ride a Scooter

If you have never ridden a powerful two-wheeled vehicle before, the prospect of getting on one can be more than a little daunting. While a motorbike can be especially intimidating, riding a scooter can present the ideal steppingstone. If you have been considering buying or riding a scooter, then the pro scooters more comfortable and you can also check out this list of reasons why this could be a great idea.

Not Overly Powerful

While the power of motorbikes can be somewhat scary to those who have never ridden them before, scooters don’t have as much power and are therefore not as tricky to ride. While motorbikes range from 150cc to 2000cc, scooters are between 50cc to 300cc, so you can clearly see and feel the difference in power quite. If you go for a scooter at the lower end of the power scale, you are not going to exceed speeds of 30mph, so there is a lot less to worry about in this regard.

Easier to Handle

The reduction in power of scooters also means that they are also much easier to handle. As they are more lightweight than motorbikes, you can direct and maneuver them much more easily. The smaller wheelbase also means that you can handle them better at slower speeds, which is important for first-time riders who don’t want to ratchet up the velocity.

Cheaper Purchase Price and Running Costs

Another attractive feature that scooters have over motorbikes is that they come with a generally lower price tag. To explore these further, a wide range of options can be found on This lower price makes them a more attractive purchase for people who would like to try their hand at driving a two-wheeled vehicle but don’t want to commit to expensive motorcycle costs. There are also other savings that you will make, including the fact that you can insure and tax the vehicle at a reduced rate as well – that’s not to mention the cheaper servicing.

More Eco-Friendly

With many more people concerning themselves with their carbon footprints and ensuring that they don’t harm the planet any more than is necessary, a scooter can be a great vehicle for this purpose. In comparison to the average car, they produce as little as 72% less carbon dioxide. You will find yourself spending a lot less on petrol than on your car, too. So, this is another plus point to add to the cost-saving list.

Simple to Drive

While you need lessons to ride a motorbike and will have to deal with changing gears and handling a clutch, this is not the case with scooters, which are very easy to drive. Many of them simply require you to turn the ignition, twist the handlebar, and you are ready to go.

There are plenty of reasons why riding a scooter is great fun, as well as being a practical mode of transport that is not going to cause the same kind of harm to the environment as many others out there.