Regenerative Sports and Aesthetic Medicine: Common Types

Every individual wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They engage in activities such as eating healthy and regularly exercising. However, some instances expose the person to health conditions. One of the leading factors has been aging and engagement in high-intensity sports. These conditions are painful and worsen if left untreated. The person may struggle to walk or move the body parts interfering with the lifestyle. Most people with these conditions seek Genesis Regenerative Sports and Aesthetic Medicine for its effectiveness in solving these problems. The following are the common types of Regenerative Sports and Aesthetic Medicine.

Stem Cell Treatments

This therapy is used to treat the pain while helping to generate the tissues at the spinal discs. Since stem cells do not have a specific role in the individual’s body, they can develop into cells that carry out the function. The stem cells are collected from the patient’s fat, bone marrow, and blood. After the collection, they are put into the centrifuge to find the ones that can be used for the process. These cells are then injected into the area requiring the repair.  

Cartilage Regeneration

This is a therapy aimed at helping people having musculoskeletal conditions. The therapy helps to boost the healing of the damaged cartilage. In most instances, the cartilage fails to heal well on its own because it lacks blood vessels lacking a constant blood supply. Different cartilage regeneration techniques are applied according to the individual’s condition.

Platelet-Rich Plasma

This therapy is carried out on the hypothesis that the plasma and platelets found in the blood play an active role in healing and repairing injuries. The aim is to create platelet-rich plasma. The individuals’ blood will be drawn from the person and then processed to make a concentrated solution with more plasma and platelets. The specialist uses the centrifuge to create this solution. The doctor can opt to apply PRP through surgery or inject it into the injured tendon.


This therapy treats the connective tissues and injured joints. This therapy is normally used to treat whiplash, arthritis, and degenerative disc disease. The specialist often uses it on the patient’s back, shoulders, neck, hip, knees, or hands. The doctor will inject a watery solution in the injured area with substances such as dextrose and saline. In most instances, these injections have numbing agents such as lidocaine. This injection irritates the injury site, boosting the body’s healing response.


This is a natural, minimally invasive procedure. The specialist takes the cells from the person’s fat stores. The main reason for taking this fat is it is easy to harvest the fat tissues. Moreover, they are also denser in healing agents than the other tissues. Furthermore, they have a long-lasting effect than other procedures. This process is carried out under local anesthetic.

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