Role of a Homeo Doctor in curing diseases.

Homeopathy, a natural medical practice, developed in 1796 in Germany by physician Samuel Hahnemann is established on the belief that the body can heal itself. Homeopathy practitioners use very small amounts of natural ingredients namely plants, minerals etc. to treat various diseases. A homeopath, also known as a Homeo Doctor dilutes the concentrations of the natural substances by mixing water or alcohol. Then the combined mixture is rocked vigorously as a part of a method known as ‘ potentization’ which helps to convey the therapeutic essence. The homeopathy doctors think that the power of the medicines increase if the dose is smaller. Actually, many of these medicines do not retain any particles of the initial ingredients. 

The homeopathy medicines which come in diverse types, for example, tiny sugar globules, tablets, in liquid form etc. are used by the homeopaths in the treatment of various diseases. They not only deal with the symptoms but take care of the root cause of the condition. Once Swami Vivekananda said, “An allopath comes and treats cholera patients and gives them his medicines. The homeopath comes and gives his medicines and cures perhaps more than the allopath does because the homeopath does not disturb the patient but allows the nature to deal with them”. Homeopathy medicines can successfully boost the body’s natural therapeutic power. Since Homeopathy is based on “ like cures like” it can be concluded that a substance which is responsible for the symptoms when given in greater doses can oppose the similar symptoms when administered in tiny doses. Homeo doctors are of the opinion that a little portion of the homeopathic remedies is powerful in healing any diseases.

A dedicated homeo doctor forms an opinion concerning the patient, by inquiring in-depth about the health issues, lifestyle, past medical history, intake of food and characteristic nature of the individual. Throughout the consultation procedure, the doctor explains and clarifies any question the patient may have in mind. Entire case records, test reports and prescriptions of the patients are usually documented and used in the course of the treatment. By means of this holistic strategy homeopathy doctors prescribe medicines for their patients and then pursue their development by follow-up meetings. The patients are also informed about the usage and outcomes of particular homeopathic remedies. The doctor usually provides suggestions on lifestyle issues such as psychological health, diet and physical activities. Homeopaths believe that being in sound health signifies staying balanced mentally, emotionally and bodily.

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