Welcome, Bella! Nice, you also found me today on Monday. As a reward, there’s a hair dye party with Cüpli today. Because the question of the day is:

Do you already plex?

Sorry. I could not resist. But the Plex technology, which has been working up the hair color market at hairdressing level for some time, has finally arrived in a so-called consumer product, in the form of the Color Expert Nourishing Color Cream from Schwarzkopf.

Of course, we had to test that immediately.

And by “we” I mean my enchanting models, who with the catchphrases “I dye your hair” and “there is not Prosecco, but CHAMPAGNE” were surprisingly fast on the spot.

May I introduce my lovely friend Nadia and my favorite sister Fränzi?

Color Expert

As a rule, both of them dye their hair themselves, which makes them almost experts in terms of their application – as well as the result.

I hope I do not lean too far out of the window with this claim, but Nadia dyes mostly to cover her gray hair.

Here is your initial color:

Schwarzkopf Color Expert with Omega Plex: Test and Review

… and Fränzi does not have that many gray hairs (at least she always says that), but has always kept them pretty well in tint with tints and given her middle brown hair a (usually reddish) color hue.

Here you her before picture:

Schwarzkopf Color Expert with Omega Plex: Test and Review

So, let’s get the “New Kid on the Block” for DIY Queens, and get started!

The setting? At Steffi dishes, super-impractical even before the night. And with super-impractical, I mean that we had all eaten nothing yet and first opened the champagne before we got to work, höhö.

For Nadia I chose the Color Expert shade 4.3 Soft Dark Brown, for Fränzi the bright (and non-reddish) 5.3 Beige-Brown … all kit costs 9.90 Swiss Francs.

Schwarzkopf Color Expert Hair Dye Party: Review and Self Test

Color Expert dyeing party

Schwarzkopf Color Expert Hair Dye Party: Review and Self Test


  • With Color Expert, Schwarzkopf launched the first DIY hair color for home this spring, which incorporates the professional anti-hair break technology and makes dyeing even more noticeable at home.
  • OmegaPLEX technology strengthens and protects the hair, resulting in up to 90% less hair breakage … with up to 100% gray coverage.
  • Incidentally, when choosing the right color you can rely pretty much on the packaging pictures and tips. The Steffi tip? For safety, stay 2-3 shades lighter or darker than your natural color … and the nuances are very well graded at ColorExpert and with 16 colors total there is a very large selection.

Schwarzkopf Color Expert with Omega Plex: Test and Review

The pack contains: developer, color cream, conditioner (apply immediately after dyeing) and a second conditioner (apply after 3 weeks), as well as the instructions for use with gloves and serum.

Dye right? THAT’S HOW IT’S DONE:

Gäll … As with all hair colors for home also applies here: 48 hours before carry out an allergy test!  If this has been successfully completed: read the instructions carefully, put on clothes protection (dark towels) and watch.

Incidentally, I thought it was stupid that I wanted to play the Täschmeister here, because Fränzi and Nadia already have a lot of experience in self-coloring, so I drank e bitz until I was allowed to assist them with the application.

Schwarzkopf Color Expert Hair Dye Party: Review and Self Test

STEP 1: First open the Anti-Hair Break Serum and place it in the application bottle. This is the magic potion, by the way! Now open the color cream tube and push it into the bottle as well … close it and shake well.

Schwarzkopf Color Expert with Omega Plex: Test and Review

Schwarzkopf Color Expert with Omega Plex: Test and Review

… and you’re ready to rock!

STEP 2: Apply the Color Expert Coloring Mix directly to the hairline on dry, prewashed hair. Whether you dye only the approach (as Nadia and Fränzi) or give the mixture from the beginning to the total hair, of course, it depends on whether your hair is pre-dyed or not.

Here we have decided clearly for the batch treatment, in which the mixture acts on the batch for only 20 minutes and then combed into the remaining hair for another 5 to 10 minutes. Schwarzkopf recommends a longer exposure time for light blondes, but you can then read this carefully in the pack.

Schwarzkopf Color Expert with Omega Plex: Test and Review

… and this is where we got echli skidding at our dyeing party, in the case. Because I wanted to serve the aperitif while the color worked … but because it’s so crazy fast, I could barely present a few olives and Nüssli until we combed the color into the rest of our hair and then rinsed it out! And then the tiger prince came home!

WHAT EN STRESS! I need more champagne!

STEP 3: At the end of the exposure time, the hair is foamed with a little water and then rinsed thoroughly until the water is clear. Put the first conditioner sachet in damp hair (open before – OPEN AND PREPARE BEFORE!), Leave for two minutes and rinse.

By the way, both Nadia and Fränzi already said when drying their hair that they feel much smoother than usual.

And the magic is over! In these two dark shades and with approach treatment, the whole coloration took almost half an hour.

All I had to do was dry and style the two freshly dyed ladies … then, of course, insist that I still have to “make up my hair  (did I mention that I LOVE making my girlfriends make-up? ), and then directly to the slightly drunken, but totally funny “After-Fotoshooting”.

Here is Nadia’s wild, again deep-brown curly mane in the closeup:

Result Schwarzkopf Color Expert with Omega Plex: Test and Review

… and Fränzi, who now has much more shine and moves more towards gold than red, which I think is great:

Result Schwarzkopf Color Expert with Omega Plex: Test and Review

Heads together, Ladies …

ColorExpert by Schwarzkopf

And yes, then it was finally night. I am a good host, most of the time!


Both Nadia and Fränzi are now – about 10 days after dyeing with Color Expert – still happy with the result: The color lasts, and both told me independently that especially the shine and smoothness last really well.

* Update: Click here for the color update, four weeks after dyeing *

All in all, they are very happy with the result and extend the care effect even with the appropriate conditioner.

And by the way … my most exciting learning from this cooperation with Schwarzkopf? It is always on the pack that you can call a toll-free hotline with questions. You know what? There really works a magical expert who takes these calls (I’ve met them and holes with questions!) And super advice given!

I do not now encourage you to dial 0800 55 33 22 (for Switzerland) and ask for personal advice, gell? But you could. TOTAL!

ColorExpert by Schwarzkopf

And finally a horsepower for my mom, who today has two daughters to worry about: We are not alcoholics, we have not stained the color … and love you both! Do you want to dye my hair now, Mamsette? With Cüpli?

Thank you very much for my two models again and I hope that you now have echli got a glimpse into DIY hair dyeing.

On a wonderful, shiny-manly Monday, Cara!

The Schwarzkopf Color Expert Intensive Care Color Cream is now available in 16 shades of 9.90 Swiss Francs each. In addition, there is a color-sealing rinse (250ml) and color sealing cure (150ml) at 6.90 francs each.

Dyeing with Schwarzkopf Color Expert