Sorry, but: Laptop bags are POOP. Anyway, the laptop bags that I see everywhere. I’m not bearded, almost-retired IT supporter from Niederbipp, who has to unpack his ugly Dell PC in the crowded regional train amigos to fill up an excel spreadsheet for 10 minutes until he has to get out again!


Says the one who’s wearing leopard piss pants and UGG boots to write that.

But I stick to it, and to do so quite without gender:

There are extremely few laptop cases that I find beautiful as a woman.

Because I almost got myself a wolf when I searched for and found a case for my (rather big) MacBook Pro 15 “a few months ago, today there is a fashion flash of a slightly different techie style, because I firmly believe that I am not alone with my request!

Let’s start a bit luxurious, okay?

Sonix Velvet 13 “Laptop Clutch Case (also available in gold), about 60 francs at Urban Outfitters

Sonix Velvet Laptop Sleeve by Urban Outfitters

As a beauty blogger I find this model here of course:

Kate Spade Universal “Lips” Laptop Sleeve , about 90 francs

Kate Spade Lips Laptop Case


Kate Spade Lips Laptop Case

Hani great!

This one is pretty sporty, do not you think?

Herschel “Hudson Bay Company” Anchor Laptop Sleeve , about 30 francs

Herschel's "Hudson Bay Company" Anchor Laptop Sleeve

Ah, you want it to be so understated and luxe?

Ironically, the UK label, which became known for super-skinned iPhone cases, makes scary beautiful, personalized laptop cases.

Uuuuhuere door, though, but very desirable:

CHAOS Customized Leather Laptop Cover, from approx. 450 francs

 CHAOS Customized Leather Laptop Cover

And HEY, this version for my 15 “MacBook Pro would only cost 550 francs! ES SNAPPLE!

CHAOS Customized Leather Laptop Cover

Speaking of “personalized”: Etsy is a great source for casual unique items that do not cost all the world … even for laptop cases!


MacBook Air “13 sleeves with pompom and name embroidery, about 40 francs at Etsy seller nimnimCo

Chic Laptop Sleeves - CHAOS Customized Leather Laptop Cover

And no, no fuss: This is vegan suede (aka “plastic”) with faux pompom. And very, very sweet, I think!

Golf, have fallen again into the Etsy black hole! I find this Etsy seller here also super: He made leather laptop cases on Mass ago for pretty much ALL models that you could come up with:

Leather laptop sleeve (here for 13 “MacBook Air), about 50 francs at Etsy seller HandStitched100

Leather Cover by HandStitched100 on Etsy

Of course, there are designer laptop cases too … here one from Uncle Karli (RIP!):









Laptop bag by Karl Lagerfeld , 120 francs at Globus stylish laptop cases

… and sorry, the back wont da da no gsee:

Karl Lagerfeld's Macbook Case


Very understated I find this model from the Danish rain jacket company Rains:

Rains 13 “laptop sleeve, about 47 francs at Nordstrom

Rains Laptop Sleeve in Black White

This made me LOLZ e Mitzel:

Champagne Caviar Bubble Baths laptop sleeve by For Pete’s Sake, about 40 francs at Society 6

Champagne, Caviar and Bubble Baths Laptop Sleeve

Here is something chic from Liebeskind Berlin:

Laptop bag with allover embossing , about 100 francs

Graphic Case by Liebeskind Berlin

Oooh, UPDATE with input from your side: The “vegan leather” laptop cases from The Boho Potato are really beautiful! 

The Boho Potato The Creme Brulée laptop sleeve (11 “or 13”), 56 to 62 francs

pajama cotton sleeve with graphic pattern

And because Hey Pretty readers have a networked mind and the online store Bits & Bobs saw my post yesterday, there’s also a discount code, YAY!

With the code “pretty” there’s a nice 10% discount on Bits & Bobs on March 30, both on the Boho Potato cases and on everything else, tra la la!

Incidentally, this is my current laptop case that I found at Changemaker last year. They do not have them anymore, but you can still order them:

Pijama Work Bag Laptop Sleeve (here 15 “), about 58 francs at Trouva

pajama cotton sleeve with graphic pattern

You’re so chli street style? Voilà!

Adidas Originals White Stamped Laptop Sleeve, Approx. 60 Francs at ASOS

White Adidas Laptop Case with Laser Cutouts at ASOS

The pattern is pretty cool, gugg:

White Adidas Laptop Case with Laser Cutouts at ASOS

Okay, I’ve also set myself the task of finding the most luxurious version of a laptop bag, and I think that would be this one:

Gucci CG Marmont medium-sized tote in quilted leather, about 2200 francs

 Gucci CG Marmont medium sized tote

Yes, that is really the DELUXE version, I admit it. But here my 15 “would actually fit in pretty well!

Here’s another eye-catcher for cactus fans: Wouf, the hearty label from Barcelona, ​​also makes a number of great laptop cases – but only up to 13 “. But wan, dann:

Wouf laptop case Wild Cactus for 13 “MacBook Pro / Air, 54 francs at WestwingNow

Wouf Laptop Case with Cactus Print

Okaaaay, OK! In the end, I have to revise the opinion that laptop bags with shoulder straps always look completely bünzlig:

Marc Jacobs Snapshot Commuter Laptop Bag 13 “, about 270 francs

Marc Jacobs Snapshot Commuter Laptop Bag

You can rely on me, Marc Jacobs! This stylish laptop bag is also for 15 “laptops, and I now know where my next shopping bag money goes, cough.

If also you were wondering why there is no nice laptop cases for your computer, I hope that you found it here.

And in the next issue, we’ll do it: bags in which your cell phone has maximum space, but you’ll still find MUESI HAA FOR IN OUT!

On a successful day, Sweetie!

Stylish Laptop Sleeves