Fashion: Why Wear Sweatshirts

When you wear a sweatshirt, you often show off an ageless preppy style that you can wear on any occasion. You would have a casual and chic look, showing off every body shape and flattering them to perfection.

A sweatshirt’s appeal all boils down how comfortable and versatile it can be. It is effortless to use as a street style or smart-casual look. But what is the best reason why you should buy men’s sweatshirts?

What Do You Need to Look For?

If you are looking for a sweatshirt, it is as if you are looking for a new t-shirt. The original look of a sweatshirt was done with the usual grey colour with long sleeves, a crewneck, and elasticised material done on the top front.

The raglan sleeves are an old-style and designed to allow more freedom when you use it for exercise. The jersey is a good option but maybe closer to sportswear. There are cashmere types that would look great on you, but it may be expensive.

Sweatshirt: How to Wear It Nicely

If you were wearing a clean white or neutral-coloured sweatshirt, it would be best to pair them with chinos or selvedge denim. For your shoes, you can do white sneakers or a loafer.

You can also wear a jacket over it, as it can fit with any casual suits.

If you would like to get comfortable, the sweatshirt can still provide a sophisticated look even if you are just out to have a drink with your friends. You can wear almost anything casual with a sweater; all you need is confidence.

Trendy Sweatshirt Styles

  • Classic Grey Marl

This is the most common style for sweatshirts and should be a basic essential in any man’s fashion arsenal. Pair this with any everyday item that you wear, and you would always look in fashion effortlessly.

  • Big Logos

This became popular with sports teams in universities, and students wear these to show their support for their school team. Designers are now doing it as well, and you can choose either a loud streetwear style and get your fashion on Instagram.

  • Short-sleeved Sweatshirts

These can either be used in sports or a somewhat Japanese street style. It can easily complement your forearms and are almost similar to the previous styles that were mentioned.

  • Preppy

From sportswear to casual, the sweatshirt is often seen around universities, and the apparent logo of their team or the school itself will be with the logo. Ralph Lauren and Abercrombie & Fitch are the most notable brands selling this type of style.

  • Sweatshirts vs. Sweaters

The difference may be noticeable, but there are times that people often mistake one for the other. Here are quick ideas on how to differentiate between the two before you buy men’s sweatshirts.

The quickest way to differentiate the two is that a sweatshirt is sewn, and the sweater is always knitted. You would often see knitted sweatshirts, but it would most often be cut and made from the fabric, not one that is made entirely with yarn.


Sweatshirts can work with any style, remember to consider the colours and styles of the other parts in the wardrobe that you are planning to wear. Just be aware of the occasion so you would still be in style.

Author Bio: Sylvia James is a copywriter and content strategist. She helps businesses stop playing around with content marketing and start seeing the tangible ROI. She loves writing as much as she loves the cake.