How to make your house move as smooth as possible 

For many people, moving house is a very stressful experience. There’s so much to think about and organize – plus so much that could potentially go wrong – and everything always takes longer than you expect. Luckily however, there are a number of actions you can take to make moving house easier. Here are some top tips for successfully relocating with minimal hassle, to help you get settled into your new home quickly. 


Moving house is actually a fantastic opportunity to get rid of things that you no longer use or no longer want. The key is to get started early, so that you can take your time and be more relaxed with it, and also to be thorough. Make sure you check everywhere – at the back of every cupboard, in the loft, the garden shed – because it’s easy to forget how many possessions you actually have. Do the same for your furniture, too. If it won’t fit in your new house, it’s time for it to go! 

It’s essential to declutter before you move, to save the cost and hassle of packing and transporting items that you’re just going to end up throwing away when you unpack in your shiny new house. You’ll feel so much better once you’ve done so. 

Hire a moving company

If you live by yourself in a small apartment, you might be able to get away with doing your removals with just the help of a few friends. However, for families or those who live in big houses with lots of furniture and personal items, the DIY option is generally not feasible.

The best thing to do, especially if you are moving far away, is to hire long distance movers to make things easier. By having the professionals step in, you can remove a lot of the mental stress and physical exertion from moving day. Be sure to choose a reputable company so that you can rest assured your belongings are in safe hands. If you really want to make things simple, you can even get professional packers to box everything up for you too.

Separate out valuables, fragile items, and essentials

It’s surprisingly easy for items to get lost or broken when you’re moving house. It’s worth taking some time to set aside anything that is fragile and ensure it’s packed as safely and securely as possible before moving day. Similarly, anything that is particularly valuable – whether that’s monetarily or sentimentally – you’re going to want to make sure you bring with you in your car rather than leave it to the mercy of the moving truck. 

One final thing to consider is keeping a box or two of essential items somewhere easily accessible. The last thing you’re going to want to do after a long journey and a stressful day is unpack everything, or spend hours hunting through boxes for toilet roll, a phone charger or your toothbrush! By having a specific crate of items you know you’ll need when you arrive, you can save yourself a headache.