6 Secret Family Travel Tips That No One Tells You

Are you planning a family getaway in the next year? Planning family trips can be stressful enough to begin with, without factoring kids in too, but nothing quite beats seeing their little faces shine with awe and wonder at new experiences

Why Taking Kids on Holiday Is Important

Taking kids on holiday to different destinations is great for their development. Kids who experience different cultures and see different ways of life are likely to grow up much more tolerant and accepting than their peers may do.

Kids who travel when they’re young are also more likely to develop the travel bug as they get older too.

Here are six secret tips for planning the perfect getaway with your kids in mind.

Kids Need Preparation

As any parent will tell you, kids can be very fussy when their daily life is changed even just a little bit. Some kids roll with it, whereas other kids will freak out.

Prep your kids by talking about the holiday, showing them some pictures, and maybe even ordering in some similar food if you can.

Budget Is Everything

Getting that holiday budget right is hard work, but there are lots of budget calculators online that will make the task easier. Parkon.com, for example, can help you find cheaper airport parking so you’re not paying over the odds for your vehicle to be safe while you’re away.

Plan for Jetlag

Have you ever gone on holiday and just been completely floored with how jet lag affected you? Now imagine your kids going through that!

It’s best to plan the first day of your trip as something gentle, with plenty of relaxation time to help get over the jet lag.

Plan in Downtime

Downtime is so important for kids, while they might be full bundles of energy all day every day, most parents will know that tiredness can lead to unwanted behavior from even the most angelic of children.

Make sure you plan in some downtime, a bit of quiet time by the pool or time in the hotel just to chill out, maybe even an extra nap!

Routine Is Key

Keeping to a routine on holiday can be really tough, especially if you have booked in events that you’d like to go to, but trying to keep some semblance of routine is vital to help kids cope with all of the changes.

Simple things like bath, book, bed every night will help kids feel more at home and more relaxed while you’re away

Comfy Shoes Make All the Difference

If you’re going to be doing a lot of exploring, either on a city break or camping trip in the woods, you must remember to kit your kids out with comfortable shoes! Blisters and swollen feet in ill-fitting shoes will make for a very unhappy child who will in turn make for a very unhappy parent too.

Don’t forget to spend some time breaking the shoes in before your trip too, to avoid those nasty blisters.