And one of them comes to your table today and is served dewy to you:

The limited-edition “pink blush Limited Edition” hairstyling collection from ghd is here … and let’s celebrate!

ghd v gold pink blush Styler

The Schon-fast-cult brand ghd (“Good Hair Day”) is also clearly in 2017 in terms of “Styling for a good cause”. For 13 years, the British brand has been committed to raising awareness of breast cancer and breast cancer prevention and supporting charity projects around the world.

So there’s a pink edition of their great hairstyling tools this year, which comes along in pretty daring coral red!

The 2017 ghd pink blush limited edition collection includes these four special editions:

ghd pink blush Collection 2017 Review

  • ghd pink blush paddle brush (41 francs)
  • ghd air pink blush hairdryer (159 francs)
  • ghd V gold pink blush styler with heat protection case (245 francs)
  • ghd platinum pink blush styler with heat protection case (295 francs *)

* In Switzerland, for every sold styling device, a whole 10 francs goes directly to the Pink Ribbon Charity Walk (and 2 francs per brush)

The Paddle Brush is perfect for brushing out long hair without statically charging it, while the hairdryer dries very quickly and frizz-reducing (I swear, that’s a word!).

The two styles differ in technology: the “V gold” version with “advanced ceramic heating technology” and rounded ceramic plates, and the “platinum” finish with Tri-Zone technology, which always smoothes at the temperature that is safe for the hair, for an even more beautiful and hair-saving result.

Both styles are supplied with a really stylish heat protection Täschli.

ghd pink blush Styler V gold review

And exactly with the luxury straightener of the line, the ghd platinum pink blush styler, we are doing a step by step tutorial today, because I have found a new technique for relaxed beach waves that is super fast and without hair pulling … a huge Plus for damaged hair like mine, ahem!

Parat for Scandi Waves? Beach Waves? Mermaid Hair? SHUT UP STEFFI AND SHOW!

Easy Beach Waves with the ghd platinum pink blush styler

You’ll need clean, dry hair, good heat protection, such as Paul Mitchell’s Hot Off the Press spray, and some hairpins.

  1. Spray your hair with the heat protection product and then split it horizontally into two or three compartments – with fine hair like my, two will suffice!

Fast Beach Waves with the ghd Styler Tutorial

2. Now you take a stand and put it in a bow, like a “C”. With the Styler, you can now incorporate the bow with gentle, easy to open and close the ceramic plates.

The hair strand is only very briefly between the plates: For this, you drive the Bögli slightly, with about 5 to 10 small press movements. Rattle rattle rattle!

Fast Beach Waves with the ghd Styler Tutorial

As soon as the first Bögli is fixed, you continue the rest of the strand in snake movements into a beautiful wave pattern … and also press in the other bows quickly and gently.

For relaxed waves, you can leave the hair tips straight!

Fast Beach Waves with the ghd Styler Tutorial

Once you get the hang of it (and that should go fast!), You repeat the break on the next strand: lay the bow, press in gently, put the next bow.

Incidentally, this method also works well with thicker strands.

Repeat the Bögli-laying on the whole head, turn off the styler and let the hair cool for a few minutes.

4. Then shake briefly and comb gently with your fingers, and if necessary or drizzling fix with a hair sprays for flexible hold.

Fast Beach Waves with the ghd Styler Tutorial

Et voila! Simple, fast Mermaid waves that look great even on shorter hair. What’s up?

I beg your pardon?

See the whole thing live? You can, ahem: ghd will be part of the Pink Ribbon Walk 2017! At their booth (together with there’s a wheel of fortune where you can win great prizes … so be sure to drop by!

Happy Beach Mermaid Waving and a totally successful and well-groomed Weekly Start!

The ghd platinum pink blush Styler is available for 295 francs at selected retailers, including Perfecthair. For each styling tool sold from the pink blush 2017 collection, ghd Switzerland will donate CHF 10 to the Pink Ribbon Charity Walk (CHF 2 per brush).

ghd pink blush Limited Edition Collection Review