What to Do if Your Fitness Regimen is Interrupting Your Relationship

It’s kind of a catch-22: you work out partially to attract dates or a partner, but achieving the perfect aesthetic takes a lot of time, energy, and money. It’s not uncommon for men to fall into the trap of dedicating so much time honing their physique that they simply don’t have any left over to share the results with a romantic interest.

Of course, fitness is an essential facet of other much more important parts of life, too, like staying healthy so that you can live a longer, more fun-filled life.

The trick is balance, and this doesn’t mean you need to add yoga into the mix as well. Balancing our daily tasks and roles isn’t a fixed end destination but rather something that requires practice every day.

Working out smarter, not harder, is the key to making sure you also have enough time and steam left over to dedicate to your relationships. After all, a potential partner might initially love your fit body, but that attraction isn’t going to last for long if you don’t have any time for them.

A pillar of men’s dating tips is to make sure that you have time in your life to commit to those you are dating, and even more so for a partner. If your fitness regimen gets in the way of that, the most you can hope for are a few initial dates before the other person gets tired of battling for your attention.

Fitness Best Practices for Time Management

If you’ve tried working out to bust through a plateau or get to the next level, it’s frustrating when that doesn’t work. Simply doing a workout for longer is unlikely to do anything besides burn a few extra calories—which can also be achieved by taking some steps to ensure a workout burns calories longer even after you get off the treadmill.

Unless you’re training for an endurance event like a marathon, doing a workout for longer than 30 minutes isn’t going to help much.

Instead of slogging away on an elliptical or treadmill, try high-intensity interval (HIIT) training instead. This involves short bursts of high-impact cardio for a few minutes followed by a minute or two of rest.

HIIT training encourages the body to burn calories faster and keeps doing so for hours after you stop. HIIT training can be done in a much shorter timeframe than slow and steady cardio, and you can even squeeze it into shorter breaks in the day.

Stop Starving Your Muscles

Strength training, whether with fixed weight machines, free weights, or body weight, “tones” muscles by creating small micro-tears in the fibers. These little injuries tell your muscles that they need to repair themselves bigger and stronger to withstand such weight in the future.

This is why we can increasingly lift more weight or handle more stress. Just make sure you keep those tears micro and don’t actually tear a muscle which will require rest in order to heal. You can help prevent injuries by sipping on BCAA-infused water immediately before, during, and after strength training.

Don’t forget that your muscles need help in order to heal! If you don’t feed your muscles protein immediately after strength training, they’re really going to struggle to heal. This means you might not see the results you want, which is the look of toned muscles through growth (also known as hypertrophy). If you’re not consuming a minimum of 20g of protein immediately after strength training, you’re cheating yourself out of the results.

On the “Fast” Track

Another very simple way to make the most of your workouts is by performing them fasted. If you can work out first thing in the morning prior to breakfast, it’ll be the easiest way to do this. If that isn’t possible, try to avoid consuming any calories (water and coffee/tea is fine) at least four hours before your workout. A fasted workout means your body can’t depend on the calories just consumed for energy, but rather has to tap into stored fat in order to perform the workout.

If yoga is part of your regimen, a fasted yoga practice is also beneficial. Since so many asanas are designed to “ring out” the body and improve the digestive system, you can imagine how a fasted workout is more comfortable. Plus, for strength training days, doing it fasted means it’s a lot easier and more enjoyable to treat yourself to a protein-rich snack or meal immediately after.

These are a few ways you can make more time for just about everything in your life, including romantic relationships. However, it’s still important to prioritize quality time with your date or partners and avoid all other types of distraction when you’re with them. It’s not enough to simply make more time, but to focus on making those minutes count.