Water Ionizers: What They Do and How They Work

Are not sure what a water ionizer is for considering that there are scammers on this? Then continue reading this article to know more. Water ionizers’ are appliances separate the minerals in the water. With water ionizer, acidic minerals are separated from alkaline ionized water. Acidic minerals naturally exist in water, and without a water ionizer, you just drink them. 

The process adds nothing to water, but you only get to drink more alkaline minerals free from acids. The water likens to that from steams found in mountains that have high alkaline minerals. This is so because of the terrains and rocks, the water flows through.

Purify unsafe water.

These appliances are used by consumers who want pure water at home and in industries. A water ionizer purifier tap water as it usually fails to meet the health standards of WHO. The bacteria and viruses, including the extreme ones found in tap water, are killed within seconds. 

Making it very safe for drinking, and babies can also easily rink from this water. The design is unique, with water under processing getting the highest contact with electrodes. This serves as an ideal water treatment approach to many. 

Produce water for sanitizing and cleaning.

With this water type, surface bacteria and pesticides are removed and killed instantly. This makes the water ideal for soaking vegetables, fruits, and meats. And also preserve them and keep them fresh. The water ionizer produces water with varying pH ranges and different ORP recordings. 

This combination of water with a high acidity range of 3 to 4 has very high anti-bacteria elements. The alkaline ionized water is very rich in antioxidants as compared to green teas and other antioxidant champions. For example, alkaline water ORP scores of alkaline are -350, while green tea is -180, tape water +300.

Increase medical benefits to consumers.

Many use water ionizer to acquire the many health benefits that come along with drinking alkaline water. Reduction and oxidation are made to neutralize and destroy all substances that are hazardous to health. The whole idea behind the process is to retain all useful and harmless water elements. Alkaline ionized water has exceptional and better hydrating and absorption properties. Over acidity is reduced and increases oxygen stability in the human body. 

Improves water taste.

Water ionizer raises the pH levels of drinking water to form alkaline water. Alkaline water is pleasant to taste. This is because most mineral contents that are beneficial to health are retained. Tasty water also makes cooking amazing, from your cup of coffee or tea, drinks to main meals.

With tasty water, people tend to drink more. They are thus taking in much more healthy minerals, keeping those in hot weather hydrated. Thus with a tasty water majority can easily the recommended 7 t0 8 ounces of water a day. They are making it an ideal source of hydrogen water in Singapore.

Produce water that has high antibacterial agents and chemical removal.

These can give water a very high positive ORP value of +600 to +800 range with low ph like 2.0. This water is an excellent chemical remover and antibacterial agent as well. Such water can be used in many ways on your skin. Clean skin cuts and scrapes, kills bacteria on the skin, e.g., atopic dermatitis. 

You can even dip your feet to kill foot bacteria and toenail fungus. Science shows that acidic ionized water provides many reliefs from many adverse skin conditions. Dandruff, a bacteria found on the skin, dies naturally when exposed to acidic ionized water, and so does psoriasis. 

Formulates degreasing agents

Degreasing agent is formulated from high pH levels in the water. Alkaline water consists of between 11.0 to 12.0 pH values. When combined with -700 to -800 ORP, a degreaser is formed. You can wash the Greasy pans using this chemical form. 

Combine the water with your degreasing soap to do away the oil and grime easily from your hands. Many mechanics do this, and hands are cleaned naturally. Parts of the machine can be soaked and cleaned with ease using this type of water. 

Important facts to note

There is a huge difference between alkaline ionized water and alkaline water. There are gimmicks on the market that are lowly priced in place of the pricey electrolysis device. Marketers can trick people into buying water ionizer sticks, baking soda additives, or natural alkaline water filter systems. 

These are alkaline water scams. Adding these chemicals or minerals only raise pH levels. But there are not any beneficial properties that are incorporated. They cause fatal and severe health complications if excessively consumed. For instance, too much Baking Soda consumption leads to congestive heart failure, kidney failure, and milk-alkali syndrome, among others. 

Final Verdict

Water produced by water ionizers is not just for drinking but covers many uses addressing consumers’ many needs. Given this, consumers have to be very aware of the water ORP and pH to drink. There is a need to be guided accordingly, know who to listen to, and understand what to listen to. This is to avoid putting health at risk.

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