4 Ways to Optimize Your Morning Routine

A sound morning routine can really set the tone for productivity for the rest of the day. Some days, you find yourself in the smallest details: preparing a hearty breakfast, experimenting with new hairstyles, trying to meditate.

Other days? Well, you skip the routine and walk into the office through the back door with yesterday’s shirt and a breath of fresh air for breakfast. That happens!

While a good morning routine may seem pretty magical, the perfectly productive day is more than numinous forces at work. A morning routine can lead to productivity is actually a science that you can implement in your own life.

But is there a good way to have a productive morning? Is it really a morning ritual and a healthy breakfast?

Follow the article to know how to use light therapy, nourish your body, and other ways to optimize your morning routine.

  1. Plan Your Morning Earlier

Sometimes the best way to make morning productive is to get a plan for it in the previous night. Make it a habit!

Many successful people and productivity expert spend their evening preparing for the next day. This gives them the morning to start important work early (and breakfast).

American Express CEO Kenneth Chenault ends his nights by writing down three things he needs to complete the next day. This can be a great way to optimize your morning routine.

Planning the previous evening is effective because we have a limited amount of willpower and decision-making capacity each day. The idea of ​​making so many decisions in the morning will slow down and drain your brain for the rest of the day. If you can eliminate decision making from your mornings, you will have more energy and time to spend the most productive morning possible!

  1. Nourish Your Body

If morning fast is right for you, or you just can’t eat it when you wake up, ignore it. Do what you think is best for your body. However, if you find yourself shooting a clip in the car or visiting a vending machine to quench your hunger in the middle of the morning, I’m here to tell you that there is a better way.

The extra 30 minutes you gave yourself when you got up early? Use it to prepare something for breakfast, and if you haven’t already done so, also prepare your lunch. Not only will you start your day on an empty stomach, but you will not waste time and money on food for breakfast or lunch.

Bonus points will be awarded to those who find time to sit dreaming near a window (or on a porch!) with a perfect hot drink enjoying the pleasure of a calm and peaceful morning. Yes, it counts even if this moment lasts only 30 seconds.

  1. Move Around and Hydrate

When you feel good, this will make it even easier to manage this alarm. You may not be excited about the idea of ​​a morning workout. Maybe getting out of bed is hard enough, not to mention running in the gym.

However, you don’t have to lift weights or jog. The simple act of moving will make your blood flow and help you start your day. Many successful people start their morning with a little movement. Kevin Kruse performs a daily 20 minute HIIT session on the treadmill; Square CEO Jack Dorsey jogs every morning; Howard Schulz, the CEO of Starbucks, bikes first; Parliamentary minority leader and congresswoman Nancy Pelosi walks before sitting down to work.

As you move and sweat a little, make sure you stay hydrated. What you put in your cup is important: drinking water in the morning will start your day and give you lasting energy throughout the day.

Jeff Sanders (author of the Miracle at 5 in the morning and presenter of the podcast of the same name) says that his favorite morning habit is to drink a liter of water in the first 45 minutes of getting out of bed. He says: “Hydration is extremely important, especially after waking up. I always find that this increased amount of water provides incredible energy and prepares my body for the day ahead.”

  1. Use Light Therapy

You know that light therapy is ideal for your seasonal affective disorder or depression. But it is not always easy to ensure that you have it in your morning routine. However, getting up a little earlier each day, even 15 minutes, gives you extra time in the morning before going to work or other commitments.

For this ritual, you will need to slow down and eat breakfast, which means there is no granola bar on the go. Prepare your breakfast and eat while enjoying the brightness of beneficial light therapy. Make sure to keep your light therapy device in a place where you know you will be eating every day, such as the kitchen counter or the dining table.

If you are an artisan, use the time you spend under your light to work on a project. Take out this puzzle that has accumulated dust and get to work.

Journaling is another great way to spend your time every morning. Practice by itself can help you deal with negative emotions, clarify your goals, and deal with life events. That means you are doing double duty for your mental health by journaling under a light therapy box.

By connecting your light therapy session to something you already do every day, you are more likely to keep practicing, even when things are busy.

There is a saying, “If you win the morning, you win the day.”