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Body Weight Issues

Obesity have become a concerned health issue that affects most of the individuals. The necesssity to acquire a perfect weight no more is based on the external appearance, but mainly with internal health. Therefore, health experts are from different countries have declared fight on overweight problems, by promoting healthy meals and physical workouts.


Say “No” to bodyshaming

Long gone are the days of bodyshaming for being “too big” or “too tiny”. But, here the matter is maintain a proper body mass according to your age and height. And you can attain that through healthy eating habits and some yogas and workout.


Causes for Weight Loss

It is fairly normal to gain or lose weight at anytime. But, there are times when extreme stress or different health disorders can lead to put-on weight or a sudden loss of it. So, it is best to go through a schedule check-up with your doctor.


The Fit Scene Blog…

The Fit Scene Blog is one of the greatest site which shares health and diet tips for individuals to lead a healthy and gay life.

Moreover, TFS Blog is an online arena for showcasing ideas and promote their words about health and fitness globally. Let us focus on the weight loss regimens.


Would You Like To Have Your Article Featured On The Fit Scene Blog?

Hell  YEAH! TFS embraces guest posts and articles, and we are seeking to build an authoriized weight loss blog and forum dedicated to people searching for losing weight and become fit, boost their lifestyle.


Aim of The Fit Scene

TFS will give you latest trending facts, exercises, informative notes from the professionals, healthy ideas for livelihood, and hacks to find balance and satisfaction in life.


What we are looking for

Only for the best, most trustable and instructive content written in a very neat and simple way that will bestow information to the readers across the globe.


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  1. It is very imortant to keep in mind to make te article real and unique.
  2. It should not be published elsewhere online.
  3. The word range should be between 700 to 2000 words.
  4. The content should be instructive and well-researched.
  5. Keep the paragraphs short and must have only 2-
  6. Use subheadings wherever possible .


Writing Tone

Keep your tone positive, personal, intriguing, friendly, and fun.

Do some reading prior writing . Take some hint from our website.


Author’s Bio and Promotion

We would love to include a line about the author. The bio brief of the author should be within 30 to 60 words. You can send a picture of yours that you would like us to use for your bio profile. You can find your bio in our author’s section.


About Including Photos?

We motivate you to submit photos. Genuine HD photo or stock photos can be submitted as .png, or .jpg . Even though, we reserve the right to edit  or not to use the photograph, if necessary.


How will you submit your article?

Submit your article at info@thefitscene.com.


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