How to Improve the Health and Wellbeing of Your Home

Your home is more than just four walls and a roof. It is where you decompress, where you try new things, where you spend time with loved ones. It’s where you feel safe, where you recuperate, where you feel sick or cry. It is the most important place in the world, but if you haven’t invested in the design and structure of your home, it isn’t doing enough for you.

A house becomes a home when you make it your own, when you fix the problems you have with it that have been holding you back and design it in such a way that it suits your lifestyle best.

Though homes are highly personal, good-quality homes that promote your health and wellbeing have a few things in common.

How to Improve the Health of Your Home

Before you invest in any decorative improvements, you need to improve the health of your home.

Address Areas of Damp

Areas of damp are a serious warning and need to be addressed as soon as possible before the issue becomes serious (and expensive). If you don’t know why an area is damp, bring someone in who can diagnose the issue and figure out how to fix it.

Seal Air Leaks in Your Home

Air leaks or a draft also need to be addressed. Though not as serious as water damage, a poorly insulated home can make it difficult and expensive to properly heat your home.

Deep Clean Your Home

Once a year you should deep clean your home. This includes deep-cleaning carpets, cleaning out your fridge, freezer, washing machine, HVAC unit, and more. This will promote your family’s health, as well as your home’s health.

How to Improve the Wellbeing of Your Home

Now that the structure of your home is improved, you can work to improve the wellbeing of the space for your family.

Improve the Use of Space

If you feel claustrophobic and like you are drowning in your own belongings, there are two steps you need to take. The first is to declutter; the second is to invest in custom storage solutions so that you can make the most of your space.

Improve the Light

The light can be improved in a variety of ways. You can paint the walls a lighter color, you can use mirrors or reflective materials, and, of course, you can invest in better lighting solutions. Your home needs to be bright when you need it and cozy when you need it, and your lighting solutions should reflect this.

Improve the Warmth

There is more than one way to improve the warmth in your home. If your home’s heating system works well enough, there is no reason to invest in a huge upgrade. Instead, keep things simple. Just look at woodburning stoves in London, for example. They are a stunning addition to any home, adding decorative elements, producing that beautiful smell of a campfire, and, of course, doing wonders to help you heat your home.

Improve the Décor

This last tip is the fun part, but it shouldn’t all be done at once. Instead, source décor and decorative elements over time. Keep an eye open during sales, at markets, and when you pass by boutiques. Only when you curate your décor slowly can you really build a space that reflects your family’s personality best.