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  • Boost your energy and sleep better
  • Reduce pregnancy discomfort
  • Reduce stress and improve your self-image
  • Get your body back FASTER after childbirth

Pregnancy is a huge part in any women's life so it's important that all bases are covered to allow for the safest and most successful pre and post natal period possible.

Regular exercise can not only aid conception but research shows that if you enter pregnancy with a good level of fitness you are more likely to enjoy a low risk pregnancy and experience a swifter return to your pre-pregnancy weight following child birth.


We work to the individual needs of each mother to help her stay fit and active through appropriate modes of exercise during each stage of pregnancy.

Sophie Maydon, Parsons Green, London


One of the problems of being a new mum, partner in a successful mothering network and juggling a part time job, Sophie found out, is there is not enough time in the day to get back into pre-pregnancy shape.

As an active person she wanted to nothing more than to commit to a fitness routine each week but struggled to find the time. When Sophie did find a window she was unsure of the correct exercises for post natal women and how to utilise her precious training time efficiently.

The Fit Scene tailor-made a daily workout diary in tandem with Sophie's family and work commitments. Around our own session, her own self-workouts were specifically designed to take no longer than 20mins, with maximum results. With inbuilt flexibility, the workouts could be performed in any window she found within her hectic day.

The final piece of the jigsaw was to revise her current eating plan. Sophie was struggling to reach her pre natal size, but with a bespoke nutrition plan, she could safely and easily reach her original weight.

  • 8 week wedding body package for Brides and Grooms
  • Management of workouts, diet and stress
  • Toning of areas that are most important for your dress/suit
  • Partner training for both involved

We specialise in helping you feel and look amazing on the most important day of your life. Your wedding day! By targeting the areas on show we will lose those few unwanted pounds, tone up and achieve that shape required to make that dress look fantastic! Grooms don't miss out on the action here though either, as we have a specially designed groom program which targets either weight loss or muscle build to fill that suit out like you would want.

Hannah, 31, Marylebone


Hannah was a typical case of someone who worked out twice a week at the gym and played Lacrosse, but could not shift weight. After trying various diets and exercise routines she came to The Fit Scene after she was asked to be a bridesmaid for her best friends wedding and wanted to look amazing for the big day. At the start she was a size 14-16, but after 12 weeks she went down to a size smaller than even she (and her pre bought dress size) hoped for, fortunately there was still time to make alterations to her dress. A great problem she was happy to take on board. Hannah was easy to work with because she was so motivated. It was just that she was doing the wrong things, her body had built up a resistance to the same routine at the gym and her diets were not sustainable. We changed her workout to do less cardio and focus on trunk (core) and resistance training on areas she had neglected previously. She kept a food diary and we analysed what she ate and came up with a simple food plan that meant she still ate a balanced and healthy diet while decreasing her intake of calories. That was important because it was sustainable and has led to a life change for Hannah, beyond the wedding.

  • Individual and Team Sports development programme
  • Increasing your game time performance
  • Progressing your bodies fundamental movement mechanics
  • Results through hard work, intensity and consistency

Before you even look at the skills required to succeed in your sport we need to strip it back to see whether your bodies fundamental mechanics are in place to be able to compete with the best your sport has to offer. A wide misconception is that you can get into peak shape just by playing the sport you are involved with. We strive for more than just a stationary level of performance and look to ongoing conditioning to increase efficiency and ability.


Once your groundwork’s are uncovered we intend to build you back up a stronger, faster and more resilient machine than before. Having these advanced foundations in place will allow you reach a higher percentage of performance when it comes to your own necessary and required skills within your sport.

Andrew Moodie, 33, West Moseley


Like so many new parents, Andrew put on the pounds when looking after the little one. When he came to The Fit Scene he had gained 9kg and was feeling tired and lethargic. He was still going to the gym but finding family pressures meant he would go less often and spend less time working out. An avid cricket and hockey player, Andrew was getting frustrated that his weight gain was affecting his performance in both sports and wanted to do something about it. Not only did The Fit Scene help Andrew to lose 12kg in 3/4 months, but we targeted our training to specifically help improve his cricket and hockey performance. After analyzing Andrew, the key was to reduce his weight and improve his health while still working within the parameters of the limited time he had in between his family life and career. We achieved this by focusing on what he could do with the time he had. Nutrition was a key focus. Simple changes including monitoring his food intake and offering simple alternatives to processed foods and bad sugars made a big impact. Combined with specific fitness training at his house and aftercare on the end of the phone to answer any nutritional or exercise questions he had afterwards, meant he become leaner, fitter and stronger in a short space of time. Importantly, as well as improving his cricket and hockey performance, he found he had a lot more energy to play with his son.

  • Weight Loss and Muscle Build programs
  • Experts in treating Lower Back pain
  • Home, Gym or Office workouts
  • 8 Week Transformation Programme

The Fit Scene is a different kind of personal training company. After training the last three UK Top Model winners, Phil and Liam are now offering their winning formula to benefit everyone. In a world of homogenised fitness chains and instructors that go through the motions, The Fit Scene combine a personalized training and nutrition programme with a unique aftercare service that means wherever you are, advice is just a call or a click away.

Daniel Subranian


Like a lot of people I know, I've never really been happy with my body. I always wanted muscle tone but whatever I did I couldn't achieve it. What put me off were the months and even years I would have to put into it. But what people don't realise is that with the right plan it's possible to get the body I wanted in eight weeks, and now all I have to do is regular sessions to keep it there.


CLICK HERE to read about our

8 Week Transformation

Whether you are looking to slim, tone or build muscle, our methods and all round service will get you there. From personal training athletes to people within the public eye, I always strive to give my clients more than they expect. After receiving my Level 3 Personal Training qualification in 2009 I had my first taste of the fitness industry working at a large national gym chain before eventually creating The Fit Scene. I have used my previous experiences for good use. For 2 years I coached elite football and tennis players before training some of the world’s most successful models for the last 3 years. Through working with people whose careers depend on their physiques, I realised the human body is a very complex machine, which needs the right guidance and maintenance to produce maximum results. We now apply this successful formula to personal and fitness training. With the right blend of training, nutrition and aftercare The Fit Scene can make that change happen.

Hi, I'm Liam

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Monthly Payments attract an extra 5% discount when paid by Direct Debit



Monthly Payments attract an extra 5% discount when paid by Direct Debit




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Tiffany Pisani  -

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Not only did The Fit Scene help Andrew to lose 14kg in 4 months but we targeted out training to specifically help improve his cricket and hockey performance"


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